Where is Brian Winchester Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 26, 2023
Where is Brian Winchester Now

Where is Brian Winchester Now? We discuss the murder of Mike Williams, which may contain details that some readers will find disturbing.

A missing person, a distraught wife, and an ill-fated hunting trip are the elements that make up the chilling true crime story that we are looking at today.

Jerry Michael “Mike” Williams had set off on a boat trip to go duck hunting in 2000, an activity that he had done many times before. However, Mike would not return from this trip, and his wife Denise would file a missing person report on her husband when he did not come home that night.

The search for Jerry, known as Mike to his friends, would be unsuccessful, and despite a widespread search of the area he went to, there was no trace of the hunter to be found.

Eventually, it would be assumed that he had fallen from his boat, and due to the area he was in, Lake Seminole in Florida, been eaten by alligators that made that area their home.

For years, the search for his body would bear no fruit, and then in 2005, Brian Winchester would marry Denise, a decision that would lead to a bizarre twist in the story.

What did Brian Winchester do?

Winchester separated from Denise in 2012, however, the breakdown of their relationship reached a horrific peak when Winchester, armed with a gun, would break into the vehicle that Denise owned and hide there until she entered it.

The ugly confrontation would result in his arrest, but it would open a can of worms that would reveal the truth about her deceased ex-husband.

It was revealed that Denise and Brian were secretly in a romantic relationship with each other, and though Winchester would divorce his wife, Denise did not want to go down that route and looked for another way out of the marriage to Jerry.

The plan had Brian going on the lake on the hunting trip with Mike and pushing him from the boat where they hoped he would drown or be attacked by the alligators.

However, the attempt to push Mike from the boat was met with a struggle that was unanticipated, and eventually, Brian would use his shotgun, shooting Mike Williams in the head. Instead of leaving him in the water, Brian took the lifeless body of his friend and buried it in an isolated location.

However, when the relationship between the two conspirators broke down, Denise reported Brian to the police for breaking into her car, and he was charged with kidnapping, among other offenses, receiving a twenty-year sentence.

With the police now aware of their relationship, Brian would recount the real story of Jerry’s disappearance in exchange for immunity in the case and would testify against Denise in court about Mike’s death.

Where is Brian Winchester Now?

Brian is still in jail, serving the time he received for the charges against Denise, but when that sentence is up, he will not receive any further jail time in connection with the murder of Jerry.

How long did Brian Winchester get in prison?

Brian would receive twenty years in jail, but he would be immune to further charges for the murder due to the deal he cut with the court, in exchange for information about the murder of Mike Williams.

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