Revenant Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Who is possessed by the hungry ghost?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 9, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Revenant Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Who is possessed by the hungry ghost?


Revenant teases many new connections, and introduces a new ghost, in a midpoint episode that sustains the show’s deepening sense of mystery.

This recap of the Disney+ K-Drama Revenant Season 1 Episode 6 contains spoilers.

Revenant, following some bold narrative strokes in Episode 5, begins to turn in on itself a little in its sixth episode, introducing new ghosts, characters, and connections to deepen this gradually expanding little horror story.

With new questions being raised all the time, as we reach the mid-point of the season, we’re finding out that the more we know only reveals how much we don’t know.

Nevertheless, let’s unpack the latest ongoings.

Revenant Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

You’ll recall the matter of the murdered influencer, whose corpse turns up early in this episode. However, we also learn that San-yeong had pampered herself using Hae-sang’s debit card, including buying the dress, which means she didn’t kill the influencer. So, who did?

Well, we’ll get to that shortly.

How can Hae-Sang banish Mokdan?

In the meantime, backstory. After a conversation with San-yeong on the bridge, Hae-sang goes to visit his grandmother, with whom he has never gotten along, about the urn piece he unearthed in the previous episode. She reveals nothing of substance and actually throws him out, though we learn that Woo-jin is the son of Kim Chi-won, the house’s former gardener who is now the vice-president of Junghyeon capital.

That’s an odd, faintly suspicious career path.

Anyway, Hae-Sang’s pottery piece is one of several belonging to his deceased mother. She had hidden these items in different locations to ward off an evil spirit. Hae-Sang suspects that both the pottery and a hair accessory belonged to Mokdan.

Theoretically, if Hae-Sang can place these items in a spot where the malevolent spirit has claimed a life and seal them with a line of prohibition, he can eliminate it for good.

What is a hungry ghost?

It emerges that the influencer was killed by a new kind of ghost, known as a hungry or begging ghost. This type of spectre exploits the desires of its puppets, leading them to fulfil their own dreams through predictably nefarious means.

Hong-sae is attracted to the case because he was present in the restaurant on the same night, and he also sees it as a fast-track to promotion and a way of surpassing Mun-chun. He retraces his steps at the restaurant and deduces that someone from his table must have been responsible since the missing bag was found there.

More information on the case is inadvertently discovered by San-yeong, who rents out her late father’s old home to clean it and is led by the spirit to a drawer containing undeveloped film. When she develops the pictures, they lead to more backstory on the nature of the hungry ghosts.

Hong-sae also receives information about the matter from Hae-sang and discovers a pattern of sudden deaths by cardiac arrests, all leaving behind tell-tale bloodshot eyes. When Hong-sae and Hae-sang meet up to discuss the matter further, San-yeong also arrives, and the three of them, focusing on the possessed killer being among the guests at the wedding, realize that both the bridge, Yoonjung, and Semi are missing from all the pictures.

Who is possessed by the hungry ghost?

While Semi is the initial suspect in the possession, it turns out that Yoonjung is the one possessed by the hungry ghost.

This episode does a good job of weaving both supernatural and procedural elements together as both San-yeong/Hae-Sang and Hong-sae, who doesn’t believe in ghosts, all work through this particular case.

In the various strands we learn that Yoonjung desired to be wealthy (her father has gone bankrupt) and flaunt luxury goods and a luxury lifestyle, making her a perfect mark for the hungry ghost. At around the same time San-yeong, having tracked Semi and Yoonjung through an app, manages to identify Yoonjung as being possessed and prevent her from claiming another victim.

Yoonjung, ashamed, flees right into the path of a car, and Hae-Sang and San-yeong rush her to the hospital. Since San-yeong is similarly vulnerable to this kind of manipulation (hence the spending spree on Hae-sang’s debit card), he decides to pursue his research alone rather than put her at further risk.

Revenant Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

At the end of Episode 6 Hae-San visits the woman who crafted the prohibition ropes his mother used to secure the pottery piece. She reveals that she had previously made five of them for San-yeong’s father, Gang-mu.

So, there’s a connection between Hae-sang’s mother and San-yeong’s father, and we also learn, when San-yeong visits Hae-sang’s house and is provided entry by Woo-jin, that Woo-jin himself, and perhaps also his father, are connected as well, the latter probably through Hae-sang’s grandmother.

It’s all becoming a big family affair.

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