Will there be a Revenant Season 2 on Disney+?

July 29, 2023
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Will there be a Revenant Season 2 on Disney+?

This article discusses the possibility of Revenant Season 2 and the renewed or canceled status of the Disney+ K-Drama. 

The Disney+ K-Drama Revenant is, in many ways, a classic horror story, complete with dark-haired girls, spooky reflections, and demonic objects.

This is unusual for Disney+, one supposes, but since the streamer is much lighter on Korean drama than rival platforms like Netflix, it’s part of a concerted drive to expand the House of Mouse’s offerings in the space. And they’re doing pretty well in that regard since the show has been popular with both critics and audiences since its release.

Here’s a quote from our review:

There’s nothing especially novel about this setup. However, these three core characters are instantly engaging. They’re operating on very different wavelengths, but the performances are nuanced, the writing is understated, and the potential for the dynamic to be twisted and turned in subsequent episodes is one of the primary motivations for pushing through the hour-plus episodes.

With the first season having just ended, fans are rightly curious about the potential future of the series, so here’s everything we know.

Will there be a Revenant Season 2 on Disney+?

Renewed or canceled status: TBC

At the time of writing, Disney have not renewed Revenant for a second season.

Some high-profile exceptions notwithstanding, the vast majority of Korean dramas only run for a single season, and this will almost certainly be the case here.

Despite the relative success of Revenant, it’s likely that the show will still fit into the usual one-and-done mold, and that Disney will endeavor to diversify their K-Drama library with new titles. This is the approach they’ve taken thus far, with none of their original K-Dramas having been renewed beyond a single season (at least not yet.)

Anything can happen, of course, but our official prediction is that Revenant will not be renewed for Season 2. As ever, we’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

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