Where was Special Ops: Lioness filmed? Locations Explained

July 27, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Where was Special Ops: Lioness filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was Special Ops: Lioness filmed? We discuss the popular Paramount+ series and the filming locations used by the production crew.

Paramount+ has again pulled out the stops to bring us a brutal and thrilling spy drama, Special Ops: Lioness.

Under the watchful eye of Taylor Sheridan, you might remember him from such projects as Yellowstone and Tulsa King.

Special Ops: Lioness has already managed to grip audiences with its chilling tale of undercover female agents who use their skills to endear themselves to the families of suspected terrorists so they can be about their downfall.

Sheridan has once again managed to attract some Hollywood A-listers to get on board with the show, and just like Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, and Helen Mirren in the Yellowstone franchise before this, we are met with Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman.

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Refusing to shy away from the brutality and danger that these agents face daily, the series is also noted for being based on a real task force involved in similar practices in Afghanistan.

The real-life counterparts would be enlisted to establish relationships with women that they suspected could be involved in terrorist activities, maintaining connections with them and stopping attacks that may have been planned.

If this introduction has whetted your appetite for the project, you will find complete reviews and recaps right here on Ready Steady Cut. Still, for you location hunters out there, this quick accompanying piece will answer the question: where was the Paramount+ TV series Special Ops: Lioness filmed?

Where was Special Ops: Lioness filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Paris, France

It seems that the team ended up in France at some point, as filming for the show was spotted in some iconic locations in Paris.

Look out for sequences around The Eifel Tower and The Arc de Triumph towards the end of the story.

Mallorca, Spain

Star of the show Zoe Saldana has a fan page on Twitter, or should we call it X now?

Posts showing her on location in Mallorca helped us pinpoint this location.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman was also around for this shoot and stated on Instagram how much she enjoyed the location and hoped to return to it soon.

Fort Ritchie, Maryland, USA

A location that would double as a typical CIA base was required, and according to Dextero, an abandoned US military base and its surrounding area were used for some major location work in the series.

Ritchie History Museum, Maryland

The local history museum was also used in filming, and the proud museum would let everyone know that the location was used for filming the TV show.

The former Governor of Maryland would also express his delight in the filming in the area by saying, “We are excited that Maryland will serve as the backdrop for a production from one of the most prolific creative teams working in the television industry today.”

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