The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: July 28, 2023
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Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained


“Judgment” is an emotive and powerful finale that provides hope and solace for a change. Considering the rocky road the show has taken to get to this finale, it is a successful conclusion overall, one that will reward viewers that have stuck with the series.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 10, “Judgment,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The concluding chapter of The Crowded Room is called “Judgment.” This title has a double meaning, as the finale, of course, reveals the closing verdict of Danny’s (Tom Holland) trial, but it is also a chance for Danny to make final conclusions on all the important people in his life, be that his mother, Rya (Amanda Seyfried), or his alter egos.

The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The finale begins with Danny bleeding out in his prison cell after his suicide attempt. The alters sense danger, and Ariana comes to the rescue. She pushes Danny off the bunk bed, alerting the prison guards to his current predicament.

Stan and Rya are told of Danny’s suicide attempt and rush over to the prison to be with him. The trauma of this act means that the alters are back in charge.

Stan and Rya are greeted by Danny, speaking with a British accent. Jack is back, and he asks them to leave straight away. Inside Danny’s mind, we are shown the outcome of this takeover.

Danny has been metaphorically locked away by Jack. He is out of the action once again.

Why is Stan on medication?

After this display, Stan and Rya regroup, unsure of what to do next. An anxious Stan downs medicine, and Rya questions him about the pills. They are treatments for his PTSD, which he received during the war. Stan blames himself for the deaths of his comrades.

This produces a light-bulb moment for Rya, who realizes what they need to do to win the case. Danny blames himself for the abuse that Adam received, but he cannot see what actually happened.

They need to show him the truth. Danny needs to take the stand.

Due to Rya’s dedication to the case, she is sacked from her job. She heads over to the trial undeterred. Danny shows up in the courtroom, still speaking in Jack’s British accent.

What does Jack say about Danny?

Stan calls his final witness, Daniel Sullivan. Jack is in charge, but he speaks with an American accent to trick Stan. Danny’s lawyer isn’t fooled, though. He talks to Danny as if Jack is in control. Jack talks about Danny’s childhood and how his stepfather was abusive to his mother. Jack says that he just wanted to scare Marlin with the shooting and takes full responsibility for his actions.

Next, Stan shows Jack drawings of Adam and then photographs of Candy with baby Danny. They talk about Adam, Danny’s twin brother. Jack states that Adam died, but he is mysteriously absent from all of the photographs.

While Jack is questioned, Danny tries to break out of his cage within his own mind. Danny manages to free himself. He heads straight to the lower levels of the barn, where he finds the dead alters, the undesirables. Here he finds the corpse of Adam.

Then Danny takes back control of his own mind and body. He realizes in that moment that Adam never existed. Danny tells Stan that Adam had to go away because he was allowing the abuse to carry on.

Adam was protecting both Candy and Danny by letting Marlin rape him. Danny wanted to put an end to the abuse.

What is the verdict of Danny’s trial?

The questioning ends with Danny admitting that he is Adam. The verdict follows. The jury finds Danny not guilty on all counts by reason of insanity. Danny will not be facing a prison sentence after all, and he can now receive the medical help that he needs.

The series ends with Rya visiting Danny at the medical center. A few years have passed since the trial; she is now a shrink. Danny looks a lot healthier, and he has his alters under control. They discussed therapy and when Candy visited.

During Candy’s visit, she spoke about her relationship with Marlin and how she had let Danny down, blaming herself for all of Danny’s pain and suffering.

Candy then apologized to Danny for failing him and offered to visit again. Danny was unsure if he wanted her to visit anymore, struggling to fully forgive his own mother.

The Crowded Room Season 1 Ending Explained

Back in the present, Rya asks if Danny could ever forgive Candy. He dodges the question, stating that she won’t make the effort anyway. Their catch-up concludes with Danny thanking Rya for everything. Rya says that Danny’s alters will always be a part of him.

Danny states that he has debts to repay to all of his alters for their support; it is his turn to be the guardian angel. Now Danny wants to be the brave one, to be the protector. The episode ends with Danny staring at his paintings, envisioning the fireflies coming to life in his memories once again.

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