Hidden Strike Ending Explained – is there a mid-credits scene?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 29, 2023 (Last updated: August 2, 2023)
2023 Netflix film Hidden Strike Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Hidden Strike, which will contain significant spoilers.

Hidden Strike revolves around two ex-special forces soldiers. One is Luo Feng, a Chinese agent who receives a mission to escort a scientist and her team from an oil refinery in the Middle East.

The mission holds personal significance for Feng, as his estranged daughter, Mei, is among the team, and she holds him responsible for abandoning her mother.

As the movie unfolds, Feng’s team faces the challenge of escaping through a dangerous road called the highway of death.

This long stretch of road has a sordid history, including death, being filled with land mines, enemy forces, thick sand storms, and treacherous mountain cliffs.

Hidden Strike Ending Explained

The other mercenary is Chris Van Horne, a struggling mercenary in a small village desperately needing water. Chris agrees to work with his brother, Henry, to obtain the funds to fix the village’s water supply. The job is to intercept one of the convoys with an agent responsible for five of Chris’s colleagues.

However, Chirs later finds Henry was hired by a man named Owen, who intends to capture a scientist with the code to access millions of dollars worth of crude oil.

How do Luo and Chris stop Owen from escaping with the oil?

Luo, Chris, and Mei can stop Owen’s escape with the oil by using the truck strapped to the jet engine. If you recall, earlier in the film, Luo discovered the vehicle that Chris and Henry used to create the artificially manufactured sandstorm as a cover to kidnap the scientist who was head of the oil refinery operation.

They aim their jet-propelled truck at the back of the first three larger tanker trucks heading out of town. This causes a chain reaction of all three trucks flying in the air, hitting each other, and exploding. As Owen is trailing in a dune buggy, he is injured but survives and escapes. Our heroes chase him, with Chris holding onto the side to prevent the vehicle from losing jet fuel.

How does Owen die in Hidden Strike?

Owen dies when he falls off the cliff in his dune buggy. Luo, Mei, and Chris can catch up to him when they utilize the jet engine, propelling them into Owen’s vehicle. Their truck appears equipped with a forklift, trapping Owen in front of Luo’s vehicle. When they reach the cliff’s edge at high speeds, the buggy becomes loose and flies into a wall of rocks.

This prevents Owen from going over the cliff. However, when he tries to rev the engine to drive away, the ground begins to fall apart, and Owen falls over the ridge in the dune buggy, falling to his death.

How does Chris survive falling from the cliff in Hidden Strike?

No, Chris survives the fall by hanging onto a rock wall and climbing to safety. After Luo and Mei have a touching family moment (Mei discovers Luo has never forgotten her because she found the same family picture on his person), Luo feels Chris’s hand on his foot.

We don’t see it, but apparently, Chris jumped off the truck when it rumbled over the cliff. Due to his excellent physical condition, he can climb to safety.

Does Hidden Strike have a mid-credits scene?

Yes, Hidden Strike has multiple mid-credits scenes for film fans to enjoy! One shows Luo’s team securing the bridge. Another shows Mei leading the village in fixing the water well. In that scene, the town has rigged a pulley system to lift Luo and Chris from the bottom. It appears they selflessly fixed the issue, but so they wouldn’t be drowned, they were pulled to safety by the villagers.

The other scenes are outtakes compiled during the film. The majority are from when Chan and Cena are in the oil refinery control room, where Chan has to put the clip back in Cena’s handgun, and when the ex-wrestler gives the legendary action star a fist bump. The others involve Cena heavily ad-libbing improvised scenes.

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