Where is Lina Trivedi Now? Explained

July 29, 2023
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Where is Lina Trivedi Now

Where is Lina Trivedi Now? We discuss the 2023 Apple TV+ movie The Beanie Bubble, which contains plot spoilers.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the current wave of nostalgia that is whipping through pop culture has been firmly grasped by the TV and movie makers out there and turned into a giant goose made of twenty-four carrot gold that is just laying diamond encrusted eggs all over the place for the owners of whatever property is suddenly hip again.

If that over verbose introduction has annoyed you, think how I feel after writing it, but it was over the top in the same way that the marketing for Mario Bros. and Barbie was too.

You see, we seem to be in a stage of development that is rewarding us for looking backward, pointing at screens, and saying, “Yeah, I remember that.”

Cue a quick hit of endorphins, then, like the audience of The Truman Show, move on to the next thing that is stabbing us in the face for attention.

A film about small stuffed toys called Beanie Babies was inevitable, and although it has gone straight to Apple TV+, I am sure that there will be a massive audience that has been waiting for this flick to drop.

I imagine that most of you will be too young to remember the craze, but if you have stumbled upon this article, indulge me for two minutes as we explore one of the players in the story and answer the question: where is Lina Trivedi Now?

Who is Lina Trivedi, and what does she do?

Indian American Lina Trivedi was born in 1973 in Chicago to a Gujarati-speaking Brahmin family and became involved in the early success of Beanie Babies.

As an author, Lina became responsible for supplying the short poems that were attached to the small bean-filled animal toys manufactured by Ty Incorporated.

Turns out the insides of those stuffed animal toys are actually filled with small plastic pellets, not beans. Who knew?

Where is Lina Trivedi now?

Lina lives in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and is a single mother to a child with special needs. Lina has stated that her situation has put things into perspective for her, and she has devoted her life to her daughter, instilling her with purpose and drive to be a successful business person.

Lina’s work is an incredible catalog of achievements, and she is a published author and civil servant who has worked on numerous projects with young, disadvantaged people.

At the time of writing. Lina is involved with a project that hopes to help people write content used to publish books and websites.

What did Lina Trivedi do for Beanie Babies?

Lina would supply the original one hundred and thirty-six verses attached to the colorful collectibles on heart-shaped tags included with the toy when she was employed by the company in 1992.

She was the twelfth employee the company hired. More importantly, she was also credited for instigating the world’s first business-to-consumer website for Ty Incorporated, which made the Beanie toys.

This was a move that secured a massive surge in profits for the company, making Ty Inc. become an internet sensation, leading the field in E-commerce. The rise of the Internet and the site created for the toy led to a craze of collectors that had never been seen at such a level before.

This approach made the owner of Beanie Babies a billionaire.

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