Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – How does Imogen react to Nick coming out?

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 3, 2023
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Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - How does Imogen react to Nick coming out?


Heartstopper returns to set the stage for what is ahead for the season with us getting to see the new couple thrive early in their relationship.

This recap of the Netflix series Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 1, “Out,” contains spoilers.

Heartstopper has returned for its second season, and the first episode is filled with Nick and Charlie being smitten over their relationship. However, Nick’s struggle to come out to his friends leads to Charlie coming to the rescue.

Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

We see Charlie getting ready for school as he exchanges messages with his boyfriend, Nick. It leads to us seeing the two non-stop texting each other and the biggest smiles on Charlie’s face. Nick breaks the news to Charlie that he came out to his mom, and she was super supportive of it, and Charlie is happy.

While things are rainbows and butterflies for Charlie and Nick, things between Tao and Elle remain slightly awkward. Elle talks to her friends Tara and Darcy about how she needs to put herself out there more with Tao by flirting with him.

What does Charlie do to get to see Nick more?

The happy couple are off to school for the year, but with how their classes are laid out, they won’t see each other. So, Charlie comes up with the idea of rejoining the rugby team to be able to see Nick more.

After practice, Nick and Charlie are in the locker room together, and they begin to kiss when a door gets shut and startles them. Nick is still trying to find the right time to come out. While he is nervous, Charlie comforts him by saying whenever he is ready, it will happen.

Charlie throws a little party at his house in order to help Nick come out to one of his best friends, Imogen. As everyone is sitting and having a good time, Charlie and Nick are on the couch together and struggle not to touch other. When Imogen arrives, Nick tries to come out, but he can’t seem to find the words.

How does Imogen react to Nick coming out?

Amid watching a movie, Imogen says she has to use the restroom, and Nick takes the chance to show her where it is. As he is about to tell her, she interrupts him and asks, “Is this about you and Charlie?” She said it totally made sense, and she gave him a huge hug.

Heartstopper Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Charlie lets his parent’s know that Nick is his boyfriend. His dad says that Nick is no longer allowed to be there for sleepovers as there will be no “hanky-panky” going on in his house. Of course, Charlie is slightly upset and storms up to his room. Tori asks Charlie if he is worried about coming out together as a couple, as she is concerned everyone is bullying him again. He tells her that he isn’t worried, that things will be different for Nick coming out, and he will protect him.

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