Recap – What happened in Heartstopper Season 2? (Episodes 1-8)

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 3, 2023 (Last updated: August 22, 2023)
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Recap – What happened in Heartstopper Season 2? (Episodes 1-8)

We recap the Netflix series Heartstopper Season 2? (Episodes 1-8), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The coming-of-age romantic series Heartstopper is back for a second season with the highly anticipated return of our favorite new couple, Charlie and Nick.

The latest season of the series based on the Alice Oseman graphic novel follows the puppy love of Charlie and Nick that quickly gets turned upside down with his struggle of coming out to everyone. Also, Tao and Elle attempt to deal with the aftermath of almost kissing at the end of Season 1. At the same time, Tara and Darcy continue getting closer.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened in every episode of Heartstopper Season 2:

Recap – What happened in Heartstopper Season 2? (Episodes 1-8)

Episode 1 – “Out”

Charlie and Nick are in the puppy love stage of their relationship as we see the two texting each other non-stop and spending as much time as possible together. Although Nick came out to his mother, he struggles to do the same with his best friend, Imogen. After several failed attempts, Nick finally comes out to her, and she is very supportive. As this happens, Elle is trying to figure out if Tao likes her, and he continues to send mixed singles.

Episode 2 – “Family”

The teachers are meeting with the kid’s parents, and we find out that Charlie has been lacking at school, and his parents blame it on Nick. His mother tells him he is grounded from seeing him until his work is caught up. Nick’s brother is in town and discovers that Nick is gay, leading to a massive confrontation while Charlie is at his house. After seeing Elle on the verge of being gone, Tao tells Charlie that he likes Elle and wants his help to tell her.

Episode 3 – “Promise”

Tao’s big plan to tell Elle he likes her and wants to take her out on a date goes perfectly, as she says she likes him and wants to go out on the date. The date goes differently than planned, leading to the two arguing over how they both have changed. Exams are done, and Charlie and Nick are excited to be able to hang out again. Although he promised Charlie he’d come out to some friends, Nick struggles to do it, and Charlie is left to pick up the pieces again.

Episode 4 – “Challenging”

The crew is off to Paris for their trip, and things between Elle and Tao work themselves out with both agreeing to be just friends. Things aren’t so great for Imogen and Ben. After finally having enough of him treating her poorly, she breaks up with him in front of everyone at dinner. As Charlie and Nick continue to lie low about their relationship, the duo ends up alone at night, leading to Nick leaving a hickey on Charlie, which freaks him out.

Episode 5 – “Heat”

As the crew continues their trip in Paris, the relationship between Tao and Elle finally heats up as they embrace for a kiss. After Ben is paired with Nick, Ben asks why he continues ruining his life and says he still likes Charlie. Nick talks to Charlie about what Ben said, and the pressure of everything and lack of eating makes him pass out. Nick’s father finally calls to set up a meeting, and Nick plans to bring Charlie with him.

Episode 6 – “Truth/Dare”

Tao and Elle return to their friends to let them know they have kissed one another. Of course, everyone is excited for them and wants to know more details. Darcy threw Tara a big birthday party bash where we saw everyone having a great time. However, Ben walks out when the group plays Truth or Dare, and someone suggests he and Charlie kiss. Nick takes this chance to speak up and come out and say he left the hickey on Charlie’s neck and that they are dating.

Episode 7 – “Sorry”

Elle got the big news that she had been accepted into Lambert School of Art and that one of her pieces would be featured in the “Here and Queer” exhibition. She is nervous to tell Tao, but he tells her he will support her wherever she is. A big dinner party with Nick and Charlie’s family turns into drama when David tries to out Nick in front of his father. Instead, Nick tells his father he is bi, and Charlie is his boyfriend. Darcy’s home life isn’t so grand, and after a massive argument with her mom, she runs away.

Episode 8 – “Perfect”

After Nick posts a picture on his Instagram saying that Charlie is his boyfriend, Charlie is more ready than ever to show off his boyfriend to the whole world. Elle tells Tao that she wants to go to art school. While everyone is excited to head to prom, Tara worries that Darcy isn’t responding to her messages. Tara and Darcy reunite when she finds out she had to run away, and Darcy finally admits to loving her back. As the party shifts to Nick’s house, Nick sits down with Charlie to confront his past and the bullying.

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