Soulcatcher (2023) Ending Explained (In Detail)

August 3, 2023
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2023 Netflix movie Soulcatcher Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix movie Soulcatcher which will contain significant spoilers and plot twists.

Soulcatcher is a Polish Netflix action thriller by Daniel Markowicz, the creative mind behind the film Shadows and Lesson Plan. The cast includes regular Markowicz players: Piotr Witkowski, Jacek Koman, Jacek Poniedzietak, Marius Bonaszewski, Aleksandra Adamska, Jacek Knap, and Vansh Luthra.

Soulcatcher tells the story of Fang and his team, a group of independent military contractors hired to retrieve a woman named Eliza. She possesses sensitive information about a crazed military general who goes by the name of Yousif. However, upon their arrival, they are confronted by a horde of bloodthirsty citizens turned into modern-day zombie savages.

Soulcatcher (2023) Ending Explained

Eliza chooses to stay behind to search for her father, the inventor of the machine that turns people into killers. After Fang returns return home, he is assigned to retrieve the device and kill the professor responsible for its creation.

Fang calls upon old friends Storm and Bull to join him. Before Yousif sells Soulcatcher to an African warlord, Fang and his team attempt to stop the transaction.

Fang locates Eliza, trying to sneak into the compound to rescue her father. However, Fang finds that the professor invented the machine to help cure cancer, and it is now being experimented on by citizens to create killers. He spares the scientist’s life because he’s operating against his will. The team returns the Soulcatcher to the Defense Minister who ordered the operation.

Why does Fang kill his brother, Piotr?

Fang kills his brother to save his own life. After his team splits up, Yousif activates Soulcatcher. Fortunately for Fang, Eliza, and Harbir, they are now in the woods. However, they watch in horror as the device affects the remainder of Fang’s team in the village. When Fang goes to locate his brother, he finds him. Unfortunately, that’s when Piotr tries to kill him.

While Piotr has his brother pinned to the ground, Fang pulls out a knife and stabs him to death.

Why does the Minster of Defense double-cross Fang in Soulcatcher?

The Minister wants Soulcatcher to help him win an election by creating fear among the public, presumably to become Poland’s President. This creates a narrative that Poland needs a strong national defense. After Fang and his team return the device, he suggests to his boss that they destroy it. However, the Minister starts the machine and gives Fang the choice of being with or against him.

That’s when Interpol shows up, and a gunfight ensues. Fang chooses to fight the Minister, who eventually escapes with the Soulcatcher.

How is Bull killed in Soulcatcher?

Bull burns to death when he tries to save his dog, Jarek. After Krzysztof is killed while defending Storm and Bull, Bull and the Interpol agent gather Fang and Storm into the military utility vehicle. Bull has the agent drive his friends away once they have most of the team to safety. He tells them he must save the dog and returns to his farm.

His death is confirmed by the Minister’s henchman, Damian, who tells Fang that Bull burned up with his dogs.

How does Keil expose the Minister of Defense of his war crimes in Soulcatcher?

Fang manipulates the Defense Minister into “evil gloating” about his plan and crimes while being recorded by Interpol. During his explanation, he reveals why he no longer needs Soulcatcher. He also tells Fang how his fearmongering has changed his country, and now people want protection only he can provide.

That’s when Fang asks the agents if they can hear their conversation loud and clear. They confirm the recording, and the Minister looks sick to his stomach.

How do we know the Minster of Defense doesn’t escape?

We cannot say for sure, but when the Defense Minister escapes a mob of protestors, Bull drives him away. We can only see his eyes in the rearview mirror, and his face has minor burn marks. The driver tells the politician, “With me, no one will ever find you.” This happens after the news runs the Fang recording of the Defense Minister.

Another indication is that we are back at the safe house and see Jarek on the couch. That’s when Fang and Harbir arrive and look at Eliza, who stares back at them.

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