Where is David Herrin Now? Amber Bennett Trial Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 3, 2023 (Last updated: August 7, 2023)
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Where is David Herrin Now - Amber Bennett Trial Explained

Where is David Herrin Now? We discuss the Hulu true crime series documentary series Demons and Saviors which contains details that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

The 2023 Hulu documentary series Demons and Saviors is a shocking and detailed account of the death of three-year-old Amber Bennett. Young Amber would be left in the care of the boyfriend of her mother, Christina Boyer, while she would go to work.

Boyfriend David Herrin would not be able to wake Amber from a nap, and upon returning from work, Christina would take the child to the hospital. It would be too late to help Amber, though, and the police at the hospital would take Christina in for questioning.

This would be the start of a troubling and chilling investigation into Amber’s death, leading to all kinds of theories about the case gaining media attention. A bump on the child’s head was deemed to be the cause of her eventual death, and the authorities were desperate to find out what had led to the bump appearing.

The police seemed to focus on Christina and David’s home life and speculated on the sexual nature of their relationship.

In interviews, Christina would state that the police had no recordings of her questioning and claimed the police asked questions about their sex life and if she was covering up for David sexually abusing or hurting Amber.

She denied David had done anything to Amber. The bruises on Amber’s head were explained as simply coming from falls that the child had before her death. The investigation would lead to lengthy examinations of the marks on Amber and conflicting reports about the bruising that would lead to her death.

Who is David Herrin, and what was he convicted for?

David Herrin was Christina Boyer’s boyfriend who stayed with her and Amber in a trailer park. Christina would work, leaving David to care for Amber during the day. On the terrible day that Christina would return from work to find David with Amber, it was reported that David could not wake Amber from a nap.

However, he did not call emergency services, instead, he waited for Christina to return home. As the case moved on, Herrin would be convicted of murder and cruelty to children. The police would not be able to determine who had struck Amber leading to her death.

David would receive a sentence of twenty years for his part in the death of Amber.

Where is David Herrin Now?

David Herrin would receive parole in 2011 and is reportedly living in Georgia. He has a daughter with an ex-partner called Kathy Carswell.

Why was David Herrin released on parole?

The complicated and shocking case saw Christina and David jailed for murder and cruelty to children. Reports state that the murder charge against David would be dropped, and he would receive twenty years for cruelty against children, which allowed him to be offered parole after serving eleven years in jail.

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