Marry My Dead Body Review – long and lacklustre

August 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix Taiwanese movie Marry My Dead Body (2022) Review


Till Death Do Us Part doesn’t stand in this quirky rom-com. It’s daft, daring, funny, and yet forgettable.

Here is our review of the Netflix Taiwanese movie Marry My Dead Body (2022), which does not contain spoilers.

Don’t worry or be disappointed. This film is not about necrophilia. Marry My Dead Body is a Taiwanese drama-mystery, supernatural comedy film that tells the story of a gay marriage where one is dead, and one is homophobic, solving a crime.

The folk ritual of ghost marriage (a union in which one or both parties are deceased) is still practiced by families who wish deceased relatives to find happiness beyond the mortal plane.

This is the premise for this comedy-drama, except one of these spouses is homophobic, finding himself in a same-sex ghost marriage.

Wu Ming-Han is a homophobic policeman who accidentally picks up a red wedding envelope when collecting evidence. He’s now betrothed to the original owner, Mao Pang-Yu, a gay man who died under mysterious circumstances.

The two have to face their differences and solve the case to get justice for Mao so he can be reincarnated and free from this accidental marriage. The overall concept should make you think of the 1990 Hollywood film Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. 

Marry My Dead Body Review and Plot Summary

The film is as ridiculous as the premise sounds. A quirky storyline and decent acting, but the film feels dragged out over two hours — it’s hard to keep comedy going for that amount of time, and this film ended up feeling stretched out with little humor.

Pang-Yu’s character (aka Mao-Mao) isn’t even introduced until roughly thirty minutes in. There are some sloppy, poor action scenes and CGI, which let the film down a little. It might have been done this way for a laugh, but it didn’t land well if that was the purpose. 

Both actors have great chemistry on screen together. One cynical man’s prejudices being challenged in jest is wholesome, and the characters are written as both goofy and, therefore, likable.

While there are some comedic moments, there’s not enough to keep me entertained for over two hours. The slapstick comedy technique, at times, comes off as sloppy and stupid, but at times it did make me laugh. 

Is Marry My Dead Body good or bad?

While the film offers up a few moments that deal with serious subjects, such as death, grief, and homophobia, it’s largely designed to be pure escapism, but with a lack of jokes and comedic moments, overall, the film felt long and disjointed.

Is Marry My Dead Body worth watching?

Despite the above, there are some heartfelt and comedic moments in this film and a very sweet, emotional ending that was worth watching and waiting for.

If you’re a fan of LGBT films and romantic comedies, you should give this film a try.

What did you think of the Netflix Taiwanese movie Marry My Dead Body (2022)? Comment below.

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