Painkiller Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Why does Shannon take OxyContin?

By Marc Miller
Published: August 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Painkiller Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Why does Shannon take OxyContin?


“Hot! Hot! Hot!” is uneven but continues to be a fascinating tale of corporate greed, preying on consumers and their employees.

This recap of the Netflix series Painkiller Season 1 Episode 5, “Hot! Hot! Hot!,” contains spoilers.

“Hot! Hot! Hot!” opens with an adult mother reading a disclaimer: “This program is based on real events. However, certain characters, incidents, locations, and dialogue have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.” She then holds up a picture of her son, Matthew Stavron, and asserts this isn’t a story of fiction.

In this story, Matthew’s death was a result of OxyContin abuse. She goes on to say how she misses him and his charming smile.

Painkiller Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The episode sheds light on Richard Sackler’s character through a flashback to his childhood and his father’s lesson about building wealth for legacy, not attention. Edie highlights how people in business exploit others for profit, then donate to museums and libraries to preserve their names.

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Richard remains composed, cooperating with Edie’s federal investigation and inundating them with paperwork. However, for the first time, we see him struggling internally to live up to his uncle’s legacy. Richard debates whether to face the allegations head-on or hand them off to someone else.

Why does Shannon give the Dr. Cooper account to Molly?

It’s not clear at first why Shannon gave this account to her new trainee, but we can safely assume it concerns Dr. Cooper’s unwanted sexual advances at the Purdue Pharma conference. Also, Shannon has been bothered by the scenes of teenagers doing opioids in parking lots, dying, and sending her observations to corporate, which Britt and Howard Udell have buried.

Why has Lily kicked Glen out of the house?

Glen’s opioid addiction spirals out of control, and he lives at the office. Glen tries to get more pills from his physician but refuses because Glen is berating and screaming at him. Desperate for money, Glen sells his tools and wedding ring for $390 to buy opioids. In a pharmacy parking lot, he gets robbed, loses all his money, and sits on the ground in a cold parking lot.

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Glen manipulates Tyler, expressing love and a desire for them to be a family again, but then asks for money for opioids. He gets kicked out of his father’s home and realizes he has hit rock bottom. Glen detoxes by sleeping on a mattress in a closet, showing physical signs that he may be moving in a positive direction.

Who is John Brownlee?

Edie’s boss, John Brownlee, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, meets with Richard to discuss a settlement. However, Richard sends Howard Udell instead, who offers only a 10-million-dollar donation, leading Brownlee to demand a public apology and five billion dollars.

While Edie waits in the lobby, she crosses paths with Richard, who apologizes for his dog’s tennis ball landing at her feet. She comments on his money-making skills, and he responds with a sober “Thank you.”

Who is Deborah Marlowe?

Deborah, Udell’s assistant, invited Shannon to corporate while making Edie wait. Initially, she refused Edie’s call and was scolded by Sackler for revealing the term “Oxycoffin.” Later, upset, she calls Edie and tells her everything. Her boss forced her to research OxyContin (addiction rates, how it’s being obtained illegally and legally, what doctors refuse to prescribe it, etc.).

Deborah wrote a 59-page memo and sent it to all the corporate officers. As a result, Udell threw a coffee pot at her head. She was ordered to retrieve each packet and shred them. She’s now regretting the decision. Deborah agrees to go on the record. Brownlee and Edie agree to meet her tomorrow because the corporate officers are heading to Miami.

Why does Deborah not attend the meeting with Edie and John Brownlee?

Per Edie, Deborah never shows up for the meeting because she is “doctor shopping” for OxyContin. It turns out Deborah has been using it for years since Udell did her research on how to obtain opioids legally and illegally. Now, their star witness is unreliable and cannot testify.

John tells Edie they need another witness, which leads us to Shannon.

Painkiller Season 1 Episode 5

Why does Shannon take OxyContin?

Shannon’s decision to snort a crushed OxyContin tablet appears influenced by peer pressure and misinformation. At the party, she meets Jay McCloskey, the former U.S. Attorney of Maine, now working as a consultant for Purdue Pharma, the company she once criticized in a press conference. She may be thinking if the reps are taking opioids and the official is now on their side; it must be safe.

Shannon then walks onto the dance floor but faints and falls into the pool. She is pulled out, and medical officials are called.

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