‘Chambers’ Episode 8 – “Heroic Dose” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2019
Chambers Episode 8 Heroic Dose Recap


Chambers Episode 8, “Heroic Dose”, offers a journey where Sasha finally finds out an element of truth to Becky’s darkness.

This recap of Chambers Episode 8, “Heroic Dose” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Chambers Episode 8, “Heroic Dose”, outstretched every chapter before it in terms of answers. It was incredibly trippy, and it eventually forms together to provide a conclusion. At the start, we see a useful flashback; we learn that when Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) had a random heart attack, Penelope (Lilli Kay) was nearby and tried to give her CPR before the ambulance arrives.

But then the rest of Episode 8 felt like a psychedelic experience – Sasha and Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine) muse over the symbol on Elliot’s arm which she recognizes. The symbol means Gar, for “sacrifice and dignity” and he learned it at the annual Spring Equinox party. Sasha wants to be rid of Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid), willing to explore all avenues, so attends the party, and takes DMT in the hope it will help tap into Becky’s visions.

“Heroic Dose” sees Sasha zoning out on the drugs, and it feels like she’s in a trippy costume party where she freaks out. Episode 8 then reverses the timeline, where they attend the party, and this time we see Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte) ask the waiter to give Elliot a drink. He also starts tripping, hardly able to walk correctly, prompting him to tell Nancy (Uma Thurman) that Becky is Sasha. Elliot is accused of drugging Sasha and relapsing, inspiring his former rehab center team to take him in.

We also see Yvonne’s (Kyanna Simone Simpson) perspective at the same party; she overhears Ben (Tony Goldwyn) and Ruth arguing about Elliot. Yvonne decides to visit Frank (Marcus LaVoi), and he is starting to believe something spiritually wrong is happening to Sasha as a coyote was found in her room. Yvonne notices an extra CD in her bag and a hole in Frank’s ceiling. She investigates Frank’s loft and sees loads of dead mice seemingly eaten and an outline of a body with various stones.

Chambers Episode 8 Heroic Dose Recap

If you thought Episode 8 of Chambers couldn’t get weirder, Sasha has more visions, seeing Becky leave the shower and enter the mirror; Becky pulls Sasha in.

“Heroic Dose” gives us the parent’s perspective of the Spring Equinox party, and Nancy is verbally harassed by Marnie, who shows her true opinions of Becky. We see why Nancy believes Elliot was guilty of relapsing and drugging Sasha; everything was conveniently set up for Elliot to fall.

“Heroic Dose” ends with the significant twist; Sasha’s visions end with her in the wilderness, flames everywhere, and she sees Becky tied up and tries freeing her but some forces close in. A tribe in masks surrounds Becky, but as she backs off the group, she wakes up from the visions and finds herself at the top of the stairs at the party ready to jump. The counselor from the school stops her and offers to take her home in the car. While in his vehicle she notices the same mask in her visions, and Becky whispers for her to run. Episode 8 reveals that the counselor is one of the reasons for all these experiences in what I believe is some form of voodooism.

He talks of universes and sees Sasha as the one, but in a moment of panic, Becky/Sasha pushes him off the cliff and Nancy sees it all for herself. Sasha looks at her hand and sees in blood, “kill yourself”

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