Heart of Stone Ending Explained – why did Keya join The Charter?

By Marc Miller
Published: August 11, 2023 (Last updated: August 13, 2023)
2023 Netflix movie Heart of Stone Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix movie Heart of Stone which will contain significant spoilers.

Heart of Stone follows Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot), codename Nine of Hearts, a super spy from an ultra-secret covert agency called “The Charter.” Simply put, she’s an agent who cleans up other spy agencies’ messes.

Stone infiltrates an MI6 team led by a man named Parker, a novice agent, and attempts to save their mission. After the target dies, she is called back to Charter headquarters.

From there, we meet her team, including Stone’s point of contact, codenamed The Jack of Hearts. He’s a communication tech expert who helps Stone navigate through various spy work challenges.

A woman named Nomad, The King of Hearts, leads the Charter, who informs her of a terrorist named Keya seeking control of a mythical weapon called “The Heart.”

What is the Heart? A quantum computer that can hack into “anything, anywhere.” This is the McGuffin of Heart of Stone’s Story.

Heart of Stone Ending Explained

The plan is set, with Stone keeping her cover and accompanying her MI6 team to capture Keya before she can steal the Heart. However, after settling in for the night, they are attacked by a rogue force. Jack of Hearts leads Stone out of the building, but she will not obey her orders to leave her new friends behind. This bravery blows her cover, but she manages to escape with everyone alive.

However, now Parker, Jang, and Bailey demand answers.

Who kills Bailey and Yang?

After escaping to safety, Parker shoots and kills Bailey and Yang. Parker then turns his gun towards Stone. With Stone being the most significant threat, it would be reasonable to think she should have been shot first. However, that’s because Parker needs her alive. He explains that he infiltrated the MI6 unit to try and catch a Charter agent to obtain the Heart.

Of course, we now know he’s working with Keya, and they want the quantum computer. It’s revealed that he even killed the arms dealer at the movie’s opening. They fight, and Parker scratches a paralytic via a knife into Stone. Lastly, he injects Stone with a tracker and hacking implant. This way, Keya can hack their database when The Charter rescues and delivers her back safely.

Who is Parker in Heart of Stone?

During a meeting with the “Four Kings,” Parker, a career intelligence officer from Belfast, receives an explanation from the King of Diamonds (Glenn Close). She reveals that six years prior, Parker had been collaborating with MI6. His objective was to devise a plan to eliminate a Chechen warlord who had been systematically eradicating entire villages in Russia.

However, the situation turned out to be a trap. Contrary to their rescue intentions, the King of Clubs (BD Wong) ordered a drone strike instead. The explanation continues, outlining that they couldn’t allow Parker’s weapons to fall into the wrong hands, as these weapons were being utilized to lure the warlord into a meeting. This decision ultimately saved thousands of lives.

The Heart failed to detect Parker’s involvement due to the absence of computer records during that period, before the advent of electronic documentation. Although Parker survived the strike, his entire team perished. Initially, Parker bore severe burn scars on his back, presumably from the missile strike. The prevailing assumption now is that a desire for revenge drives Parker.

How does Stone retrieve the Heart?

Stone seizes the Heart by overpowering Parker and shooting him in the side of the torso. Utilizing the supercomputer, Parker embarks on a killing spree, eliminating the King of Clubs and the King of Diamonds while trapping the King of Hearts and her companion in a bunker, where they eventually run out of oxygen.

Diamond meets her demise through a hack into the elevator system, resulting in a fatal crash that claims both Diamond and her family. Similarly, Clubs and his team fall into an ambush, prompting Parker to blow up the building to locate him. Keya then contacts the surviving Stone, revealing the location.

After eliminating most of Parker’s team, a confrontation ensues. Parker exploits Stone’s abdominal wound and seems poised to strangle her from behind. Positioned on the ground with Parker behind her, Keya slides a gun toward Stone. Quickly, Stone grabs the gun, positions it parallel behind her back, and pulls the trigger.

As Parker dies, he tells her, “Maybe in the next life.” Stone retorts, “See you when I get there.”

Why did Keya join The Charter?

Keya joins The Charter to secure her release from prison and contribute to making the world a better place. Stone invites Keya to join The Charter. However, Keya is currently serving her prison sentence for her involvement in the Heart theft and subsequent crimes. Stone expresses her desire to surround herself with individuals dedicated to bettering the world.

The scene concludes with Stone offering Keya her playing card and assigning her the codename “Joker.” The movie concludes with Stone, Jack, and Keya in a van. Stone embarks on her mission while Jack authorizes Keya to initiate the diversion.

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