The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Why does Ju-seok take revenge on Seong-uk?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: August 13, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Why does Ju-seok take revenge on Seong-uk?


A decent episode sets up an exciting second half of the season.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 6 contains spoilers.

Complete with a strong ending that suggests Ju-seok could end up siding with the antagonists in the remaining weeks, episode six of The Uncanny Counter continued the second season’s strong consistency. With the Red Roses Gang now established as well, there’s plenty of reason to believe the ante will be upped going forward.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 6 recap

What happens when Ju-seok escapes prison?

Despite his attempts at drawing the evil spirit out of Ju-seok, So Mun is pinned back by the prison escapee, who subsequently flees. Meanwhile, Ha-na gets wind their longtime ally is edging towards the dark side, and so a search for his whereabouts begins.

On a visit to his family home, Ju-seok hears from his teary-eyed mother that he is “full of love,” and is encouraged to return to custody along with an apology or live in hiding with her. The escapee chooses a different route altogether though, taking off into seclusion after subduing some waiting cops, to the dismay of his elderly parent, who collapses.

Next, a surprising revelation comes. Ha-na, when tracking Ju-seok, discovers he can see her through the territory they summon, which leads to the prison escapee cautioning the Counters to stay away. Later, Wi-gen declares the best course of action as “summoning the evil spirit as soon as possible.”

Ignoring Gelly’s jeers about “the truth,” Ju-seok utilizes the fact he isn’t fully consumed by his evil spirit to warn her against “insulting” his late family. Here, Pil-gwang remains impressed by the former firefighter’s power, noting to his partner that their prospective ally can “read” the Counters.

Who are The Red Roses Gang, and who is Lim Jae-youl?

When figuring out Pil-gwang’s group was behind Ju-seok’s prison escape and subsequent acceptance of an evil spirit, the Counters rush to the hospital, knowing the escapee’s mother could be in danger ahead of her surgery. What follows is a desperate attempt from the heroes to save the elder, which succeeds thanks to Mae-ok’s timely healing intervention.

In his criminal investigations, Mo-tak uncovers the existence of The Red Roses Gang, a group seemingly orchestrated by deceased scammer Lee Chung-jae. Thus, the Counters soon have a task: ask for one of the henchmen’s signature tattoos, and read the memories of the artists behind them to locate the money launderer spotted by So Mun at the laundromat.

In time, Ha-na catches the laundromat crook (Lim Jae-youl), which allows her to find out Lee Chung-jae is actually still alive following his faked death, and likely in possession of the scam money. Unfortunately, Gelly knows this too.

After a flashback shows a younger, bullied Jae-youl was actually the very first person Mae-ok had healed as a Counter, we move forward.

What does Ju-seok do with Seong-uk?

Now, Pil-gwang captures Seong-uk, and uses him to try and draw out Ju-seok’s want for vengeance.

This plan is a seamless success. Ju-seok arrives to read the mind of Seong-uk, who he sees as his wife’s killer and decides to aggressively choke him. But the Counters arrive in the nick of time, pleading with their longtime ally to realize Pil-gwang was behind Min-ji’s death, and that his evil spirit is acting as a manipulative force.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

However, the Counters fail to get through to Ju-seok. So, Seong-uk is killed, Ha-na winds up with a spike through her stomach, and the former firefighter allows his evil spirit to become stronger.

To end the episode, Ju-seok and So Mun tensely begin to do battle.

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