The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Review – a fresh, fun follow-up for the Counters

By Nathan Sartain
Published: July 31, 2023 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Review


A worthwhile second installment that builds on its predecessor with grander villains and familiar exuberance.

Here is our review of the Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2, which contains minor spoilers.

Retaining the same type of jovial charm as its first season and complementing a sometimes sober story with an intense new group of villains, The Uncanny Counter is again seamless, breezy viewing.

Notably, the humor, action, and level-headed storytelling all mesh well together and have plenty of individual room to breathe, ensuring the viewer is never overwhelmed but equally always kept engaged.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

By and large, things are the same for our tracksuit-wearing protagonists, though there are some interesting new wrinkles.

Mo-tak doubles up as a policeman and Counter to help ensure bad guys are brought to justice, So Mun has fully embraced his defined role in the group, and the team all agree on the need for a new member (which comes in the form of the boyish farmer, Jeok-bong, who is well-portrayed by Yoo In-soo).

However, there’s arguably a stronger foe this time around. A souped-up trio headed by the enigmatic Pil-gwang mirrors the powers of the Counters, meaning anything the heroes can do, the villains can do just as well.

That, and this antagonistic group have overseen the murder of Lee Min-ji, the pregnant wife of firefighter (and close ally of So Mun) Ma Ju-seok, heightening their evildoing ways.

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It’s this newfound rivalry between such similarly fortified adversaries that really drives The Uncanny Counter season two forward. Knowing the occasionally understated Pil-gwang can match the likes of So Mun and Mo-tak for strength makes for gripping viewing, while watching Gelly and Wong misuse powers more commonly – and positively – associated with Ha-na and Mae-ok solidifies the threat these antagonists have.

Of course, the fact they’ve already seen off both Counters and civilians helps ensure these are loathsome villains, too, ones you will easily find yourself rooting for the comeuppance of.

Acting-wise, the ensemble all do their jobs commendably. Jo Byeong-gyu retains his likeability in his depiction of So Mun, the Counters’ charismatic backbone. Kim Se-jeong keeps her multi-faceted approach to the terse-but-good-natured Ha-na, whereas Yoo Jun-sang and Yeom Hye-ran add plenty of heart amidst their flexing of some well-executed comedic chops.

On the flip side, Kang Ki-young is as excellent as Pil-gwang, giving his portrayal an air of intimidating menace, and both Kim Hieora and Kim Hyun-wook round out the villainous trio with plenty of magnetism.

Is The Uncanny Counter Season 2 good or bad?

Thus, The Uncanny Counter crisply delivers in its second chapter. Anchored by a tight script, which is then brought to richer life with colorful visuals and adept acting performances, this supernatural action series builds on what’s come before with a familiar yet inventive story packed with plenty of meat on the bone.

Is The Uncanny Counter Season 2 worth watching?

So, overall then, The Uncanny Counter season two makes for an assuredly strong watch. With plenty of skilfully choreographed high-stakes action scenes, a genuinely entertaining overarching story, and a fresh set of antagonists who make for authentic foils to the heroes, it’s easy to get swept up in this world of evil spirits and Counters.

Fans of the first installment will find plenty to like here, just as new viewers are eagerly welcomed into this maximalist K-Drama.

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