The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – who is Jeok-bong?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: July 30, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


A strong follow-up sets an increasingly interesting tone for season two.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2, which contains spoilers.

Striking a fun balance between humor and intensity, The Uncanny Counter season two has started off strongly. Pil-gwang’s (Kang Ki-young) group looks to be really entertainingly dark villains and a unique match for the Counters.

The addition of Jeok-bong (Yoo In-soo) is nice, too, with his juvenile charm adding an extra layer of ease to a fairly solemn main plot.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Why is Jeok-bong wanted by the Counters?

As everyone warmly moves past the events of the previous episode, we’re introduced to Na Jeok-bong. A boyish young farmer, he’s hoping a blind date can help him find his “soulmate,” only for us to see him ruin his chances with Su-min due to his penchant for talking about cow dung.

What Jeok-bong does do, however, is sacrifice his life to save his date, with the farmer ensuring he takes the heavy blow of an onrushing truck instead of the café-fleeing Su-min.

Mo-tak notices all of this and decides he’s found a potential new Counter.

Thus, Wi-gen presents her proposal to Jeok-bong, which would see him wake up from his coma and become a Counter. Yet the farmer isn’t so sure he wants to agree and wants assurances about things like insurance and work-life balance first.

What happens with Min-ji and Ju-seok?

When dealing with scammer Park Seong-uk in an elevator, Pil-gwang’s group comes across Lee Min-ji and thrusts her inside the cramped structure. Elsewhere, Ju-seok leaps into action when a housing fraud protestor sets himself on fire before he gets news of his pregnant wife’s hospitalization.

Next, Min-ji passes away, devastating Ju-seok to the point he now has a bleak outlook on the suicidal protestor he saved earlier, wondering why he lived when his wife, who wanted to survive, had to pass away. “I won’t forget,” the firefighter says, unwilling to forgive whoever harmed his family.

While the newly mega-rich Pil-gwang and Co. set themselves up in a hotel room, Jeok-bong officially becomes a Counter. In turn, he awakes from his coma with newfound fortitude and curly hair.

As Jeok-bong meets the team and commemorates his new status as a Counter with a group photo, the grief-stricken Ju-seok reflects on his late wife.

In particular, he recalls finding out about Min-ji’s pregnancy, a thought which lingers until news appears that Seong-uk has woken up from his coma.

How does Wong’s fight with the Counters go?

After putting Jeok-bong through the wringer on his first day of training, the Counters head out in a bid to find a level three evil spirit, Wong. The member of Pil-gwang’s group had repeatedly injured and healed his victim, concerning the heroes who struggle to fight against their new foe.

Following an intense back-and-forth, Wong flees, with Pil-gwang watching on in the background.

Later, the Counters debrief, too, and Ha-na notes their enemy had come across Min-ji when she pleaded with them to “spare her.”

Reading the memories of Seong-uk, Ha-na sees how Pil-gwang had forced the scammer into killing Min-ji and then regales her theories surrounding the villainous trio to the rest of the Counters.

“The battle has begun,” it’s said at the table, marking the impending clash between the two groups.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

As Pil-gwang’s team earmarks So Mun as the strongest member of the Counters and the man capable of summoning territory towards them, their leader makes his way to the noodle shop. To end the episode, So Mun and Pil-gwang stare off at each other.

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