The Murder of Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 17, 2023 (Last updated: August 18, 2023)
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The Murder of Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand Explained

The Murder of Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand – We discuss the 2023 Hulu true crime series Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks, which contains details that some readers may find disturbing.

The insatiable appetite for true crime series continues throughout streaming platforms. Hulu has landed a ten-part series that focuses on unsolved cases that have been re-evaluated after new techniques developed in studying DNA offered up new leads.

The cases looked at, some going back decades, would go unresolved, as there was just not enough evidence available to convict anyone for the crimes at the time. One such case explored in detail in the series covers the horrible story of a double murder in 1977.

A teenage couple from Oregon would be found dead, assaulted, and murdered by an unknown assailant, and it would take forty years to find relevant evidence that would re-open the cold case.

This article will provide the background to the disturbing story and answer many questions about the Murder of Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand.

The Murder of Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand

Who are Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand?

Sixteen-year-old Lliana and seventeen-year-old Eric were two normal teenagers from North Eugene High School. The young couple had gone for a day out fishing and prepared a picnic at Fall Creek.

Lliana lived with her loving adoptive parents and her five step-siblings.

Eric stayed with his parents and his brother Daniel.

How did Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand die?

The young couple was attacked, and both died from gunshot wounds

Lliana had been sexually assaulted before being murdered.

Who murdered Lliana Adank and Eric Goldstrand?

The murderer would evade capture for forty-four years. New techniques would be used on evidence found at the horrific crime scene that would point to Ronald Albert Shroy as the killer.

Shroy was twenty-three at the time of the attack and lived locally in Lane County but had left Oregon and stayed in Mesa, Arizona, since 2008. The evidence at the crime scene was analyzed again and reignited the case.

Investigators had used new technology that even allowed them to come up with an idea of what the murderer would look like and find DNA matches. Shroy had three other family members who were also in the frame at the time, and a process of elimination would narrow the search to Ronald Albert Shroy and his brother.

As the search for Shroy started to close in, police were called to an altercation that occurred at the home of Shroy, who had been involved in a fight with his younger brother Daniel. Fighting between the two seemed to be a common occurrence, with the two men living close to each other.

The police were called, and this would lead to a shocking conclusion.

How did the killer Ronald Shroy die?

Before the police could arrive at the scene of the fight with the Shroy brothers, Ronald would shoot himself in the head, ending his own life. Frustratingly, this meant that he was never officially charged with the double slaying, and his motivations would never truly be known.

However, it does supply some closure for the families of the two teens who were killed, and although he was never properly brought to justice, at least the case could finally be laid to rest.

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