Where is Ashley McArthur’s husband Zachary now? Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 21, 2023 (Last updated: August 23, 2023)
Where is Ashley McArthurs husband Zachary Now

Where is Ashley McArthur’s husband Zachary Now? We explain where Zachary McArthur is in 2023. Readers might find some details distressing.

In October 2017, Zachary McArthur, who was married to Ashley McArthur, encountered the shocking news that his wife had been arrested and then later convicted for the murder of Taylor Wright, someone that he had thought was her best friend.

But underneath this facade laid a dark truth, where Ashley had stolen $34,000 from Taylor Wright and had killed her when she demanded the money back.

This event was a blow to the whole community. It was especially so for Zachary because being married to someone usually means that both people in a couple are honest with each other and aren’t capable of murder, but this wasn’t the case for Zachary. It’s what led him to file for a divorce from his wife.

Who is the husband of Ashley McArthur?

Zachary McArthur was the husband of Ashley McArthur. He worked as the deputy sheriff at Escambia County, Florida. It’s unclear when he and Ashley got married, but their marriage came to an end in 2017 after Zachary found out that his wife had been charged with the murder of Taylor Wright, which was something she was later convicted of.

Zachary’s age is also unknown, meaning that the age difference between him and his former wife isn’t known. Before Taylor’s murder, there were no reported problems between Zachary Arthur and his wife, Ashley Arthur, so the pair likely had a happy marriage before Ashley murdered Taylor Wright.

Where is Ashley McArthur’s husband Zachary Now?

After he divorced Ashley McArthur, Zachary McArthur likely returned to his home in Florida and went back to work in Escambia County. There is no information on whether Zachary found a new partner or remained single.  According to HollywoodMask, McArthur worked for the US State Department in 2019, but the exact nature of his role is unclear.

It’s likely that due to the shock of what happened, Zachary McArthur wants to live his life away from the eyes of the press. Also, the shocking nature of the event might mean that he wants to move on with his life after what happened.

Was Zachary McArthur involved in the murder of Taylor Wright?

Zachary McArthur didn’t know about any of the illicit behavior that his wife was doing. He remained in the dark the whole time and didn’t know until later on that his wife had murdered Taylor Wright. Zachary was shocked to find out that his wife had killed her best friend. When the police asked him where Taylor Wright had gone, he truthfully answered that he did not know.

He testified against Ashley McArthur in court and filed for a divorce from her once she was arrested and charged with the murder of Taylor Wright. During his testimony, he said that Ashley had been acting strange in the days leading up to Taylor’s disappearance.

Ashley was eventually convicted of killing her best friend and was given a life sentence in prison. She attempted to appeal the guilty verdict but was unable to change the court’s mind.

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