Where is Andre Peterson Now? Bishop Sycamore Founder Explained

August 23, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Where is Andre Peterson Now - Bishop Sycamore Founder Explained - BS High HBO Documentary

Where is Andre Peterson Now? We discussed the HBO documentary BS High, and we explain the Bishop Sycamore Founder.

Sports documentaries are always going to have an audience. People love sports, and they also love documentaries, so it’s a no-brainer that the two go hand in glove, producing some very successful content for streaming platforms.

Now throw in some scandal, and you might have a winner on your hands, with the Venn diagram of all three genres overlapping into a ratings success.

BS High is a highly anticipated documentary from HBO that takes sports and scandal and makes a documentary about it, featuring what can only be called an almost incredulous story of high school football and the media circus that ensued after a particularly spectacular game.

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The scandal behind the Bishop Sycamore High School, a coach called Roy Johnson, and the alleged deception of the world of high school football makes for an intriguing and fascinating piece of work, and this article that accompanies our review of the production hopes to answer the question: Where is Andre Peterson Now?

Who is Andre Peterson, and what did he do?

On August 29th, 2021, a high school football game between Bishop Sycamore and IMG would go on to make national news. The allegation was that Bishop Sycamore was not even a real high school, leaving sports fans to wonder how they made it onto ESPN.

The players had no real training, or even equipment for that matter, and coach Roy Johnson has been called a con man and scam artist for his part in the incident.

He became the focus of various lawsuits and a fraud investigation.

Andre would deny any allegations of a scam and, after the events, would distance himself from Roy Johnson, who was purportedly the team’s coach.

What is Bishop Sycamore High School, and why was it a scam?

Andre Peterson was the director of Bishop Sycamore, an online school, and found himself in the spotlight after the football game that resulted in a loss of 58-0 for the school, an embarrassing result that led to people asking questions about the actual functionality of the institute, and several of the players being injured in the game.

The school itself seemed to have no real address, and reportedly a hired building was used to substitute for a campus, and a post office box was used as an address. The school claimed to be an athletic sports training academy, but a report would eventually be released by The Ohio Department of Education.

This report would find that the school was indeed operating as a scam. High School Football is often a very financially lucrative operation that is often a springboard for players, rocketing them to the big leagues and huge rewards.

Where is the Bishop Sycamore owner Andre Peterson Now?

An article on The Comeback, a year after the football scandal, would state that Andre Peterson believed that he could revive his school and that he still gets messages from people saying they would enroll.

His plan was to relaunch as a prep school.

Apart from that, there is very little to be found of Andre.

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