Where was Squared Love Everlasting filmed? Locations Explained

August 23, 2023
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Where was the Netflix movie Square Love Everlasting filmed – a breakdown of filming locations - netflix movie

Where was Squared Love Everlasting filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix movie franchise and the filming locations the production crew used.

Squared Love Everlasting is the third film in the Squared Love franchise.

The relationship between Monika and Enzo has evolved, and the couple finally looks set to receive their happily ever after. However, as is often the case, there may be trouble ahead for the star-crossed lovers as events start to conspire against them. This third film in the series proves just how popular the story has become.

In the first film, the Warsaw-based couple, a celebrity journalist and a model with a double life, ignited the screen and intrigued viewers with their quirky relationship. The second outing followed more rollercoaster situations and the introduction of a new love interest, and now we have a third and possibly final entry in the series.

You will be able to find a review of this particular film right here on Ready Steady Cut, and we also invite you to read this accompanying piece that focuses on the intriguing locations used in the filming of this movie.

So if you are a fan of the work that goes on behind the camera, read our piece on where was Squared Love Everlasting filmed.

Where was the Netflix movie Square Love Everlasting filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Warsaw, Poland

The film series is set in Warsaw, so it’s no surprise that the locations would all be in and around this area. All three of the films in the series would be filmed locally, adding, of course, to the authenticity of the production.

Although there are a few landmarks that can be seen in establishing shots and exterior shots, it does seem that there was some studio work also recorded.

Royal Castle, Warsaw

One of the most iconic landmarks that you can spot in the movie is The Royal Castle in Warsaw. This beautiful establishment is a state museum, open to the public and filled with some incredible pieces.

It has a huge cultural significance in the history of Warsaw and is a wonderful backdrop for location filming.

Old Town Market Square

Located in the old town, this is also the oldest market square in Warsaw and is a huge tourist attraction too. Throughout Summer, it holds many cultural events and is also decorated for the festive season in Winter.

It is featured on the website of the Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission. If you have visited Warsaw, you will no doubt be aware of these locations, so keep an eye open for them in the film series.

Nicolaus Copernicus Monument

This is another notable and iconic monument that you might be able to spot in the background of the movie. The monument has been around since 1830 and is a bronze statue that depicts the Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

He is holding an armillary sphere and a compass.

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