Vacation Friends 2 Ending Explained – Does Marcus land the Chicago Project?

August 25, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Vacation Friends 2 Ending Explained - Does Marcus land the Chicago Project?

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Vacation Friends 2 and will contain spoilers.

The hilarious duo of Lil Rel Howery and John Cena are back for the sequel of the 2021 hit comedy Vacation Friends. The film follows Marcus, who is trying to land a big job and is invited to an all-expenses paid trip to a resort in the Caribbean. He brings his wife, Emily, and his besties from the first film, Ron and Kyla, along for the ride.

Throughout Vacation Friends 2, Marcus faces obstacles threatening his chances of landing the Chicago Project, which his construction team is trying to land to build a new luxury hotel in Chicago between Marcus’s doubts and Kyla’s dad unexpectedly showing up, which causes friction between him and her husband, Ron.

As a fan of the original film, I thought Vacation Friends 2 lacked the magic that the original did. The first film was all over the place in all the good ways, and with this, it felt like none of the jokes were funny, and the predictability took the fun right out of it. While John Cena and Lil Rel Howery bring the much-needed laughs, they can’t overcome the lackluster writing to drive the film home.

Vacation Friends 2 Ending Explained

Who causes Marcus to miss his meeting with Ms. Kim?

After Reese failed to steal money from a group of men, the crew found themselves in a shipping container quickly going underwater. Ron uses his strength to get the team out of the container and head towards the hotel so Marcus can get to his meeting with Ms. Kim. However, the group of men is able to track them down, causing a massive accident leading to them holding them at gunpoint. As a result of Reese’s actions, Marcus misses his meeting with Ms. Kim.

The main boss tells the group he wants five million dollars in return for Reese losing all his money. This is where Ron steps up announcing that he will wire them the money. After they hand Ron his phone back, he wires the man his money and clears them of his debts.

Does Marcus land the Chicago Project?

As the men begin to leave, we see Ms. Kim heading for her helicopter to leave because Marcus missed the meeting. He stops her before getting on it and pleads for her to listen to him. Marcus starts his presentation, but she cuts him off and says that his numbers were great, but the fact she waited over twelve minutes for him to return, she is going in a different direction.

Before she leaves, Mr. Yeon speaks up on behalf of Marcus informing Ms. Kim that he is the right man for the job and that she should hire him for the Chicago Project. We see Ms. Kim leave on her helicopter, and Marcus goes to break the news to his wife, Emily, Ron, and Kyla that he landed the Chicago Project job. Of course, he mentions that Mr. Yeon was the reason he got the job, as he spoke up for him.

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