Who is the lead actress in Who is Erin Carter?

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 26, 2023 (Last updated: August 28, 2023)
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Who is the lead actress in Who is Erin Carter

Who is the lead actress in Who is Erin Carter? We discuss the Netflix series and the leading character. Minor spoilers ahead.

If you are a fan of shows like The Stranger and Mare of Easttown, you might enjoy a thrilling crime drama on Netflix called Who is Erin Carter?

When an English teacher from the UK, now working in Barcelona, finds herself in the middle of a violent robbery in a supermarket, she seems to instinctively spring into action, dishing out a large helping of street justice to the criminals and raising a few eyebrows along the way.

The story slowly starts to reveal Erin Carter’s dark past, which was better left alone.

The mystery action thriller features a great cast, and despite the mixed reviews, many feel the premise is stale, and it has all been done before. The actors do their best with the material.

Erin Carter herself is an enigmatic and deadly protagonist, and the character succeeds due to the commitment of the actor playing the role, so this article will explore the subject and answer the question: Who is the lead actress in Who is Erin Carter?

The Character of Erin Carter Explained

Erin Carter has moved to Barcelona with her young daughter to start a new life teaching English. She has lived in Spain for five years when we found her and is the mother of daughter Harper, who has an eye condition that is deteriorating.

The initial traits that Erin shows are perhaps muted due to the double-sided nature of her character, as it becomes apparent quickly that there is more to her past than we first see.

Without spoiling too much, Erin has had specialist training and experience in undercover work in dangerous situations, so she can handle herself and others when needed.

However, it does seem that this lady will go to any lengths to protect those she loves.

Who is the lead actress in Who is Erin Carter?

Erin is played by Evin Ahmad in the series. Evin is a Kurdish-Swedish actor who has had a bit of a meteoric rise globally. With various nominations and awards already under her belt, Evan has already been recognized as a considerable talent, and her skills on screen seem highly sought after.

Evin was born in 1990 and studied at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

A very early performance cast Evan as Yasmine in the comedy-drama film Ett oga rott in 2007, which was lauded by critics and fans worldwide.

What is Evin Ahmad known for?

You might remember Evin from such films as Beck in 2015 and Ring Mamma in 2019, but it might be safe to say that her role in the TV series Snabba Cash would elevate her to becoming a worldwide sensation.

The hit TV series Snabba Cash from 2021 saw Evin playing the iconic Leya in the show, borrowing money from her drug-dealing brother-in-law to fund a project without realizing she has made a deal with the devil.

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