10 movies like Cobweb you must watch

By Kieran Burt
Published: September 3, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
10 movies like Cobweb you must watch

We discuss 10 movies like Cobweb you must watch. Add these well-recommended and highly-rated films to your watch list.

Cobweb is a 2023 horror film directed by Samuel Bodin that follows a young boy called Peter (Woody Norman). He’s constantly plagued by a mysterious and constant tapping noise coming from his bedroom wall, a noise his parents Carol (Lizzy Caplan) and Mark (Antony Starr) insist is just his imagination. But as Peter’s fear intensifies, he starts to think his parents are hiding a dangerous secret.

Horror is a genre that has scared people for decades, whether it be through supernatural happenings and possessions or slasher stalker murder. There is a thrill that everyone gets from being terrified. If you liked the thrills that Cobweb gave, here are ten films like it that you must watch.

10 Movies like Cobweb

Hereditary (2018)

In Hereditary, when Annie Graham’s (Toni Collette) mother passes away, she and the rest of her family are distraught. But Annie and her children start to see strange things happening, and the family discovers the cryptic and scary truth about their ancestry.

The Boy (2016)

Greta (Lauren Cohan) is a young American who takes a job as a nanny for an 8-year-old in a remote village in England. To her surprise, the child she’s hired to take care of is actually a life-sized doll. The family cared for the doll as though it was real, which has helped them to cope with the death of their son. They give Greta a strict list of rules to follow, but when she starts to violate them, several strange and disturbing events lead her to believe that the doll is alive.

Lights Out (2016)

When Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) leaves home, she thinks that she will leave her childhood fears behind too. When she grew up, she wasn’t ever sure when the lights went out at night. But now Martin (Gabriel Bateman), her brother, is experiencing the same unexplained horrors that put her at risk. Holding a mysterious attachment to their mother (Maria Bello) is a supernatural entity that torments the entire family.

Midsommar (2019)

Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor) are a dysfunctional couple who travel to their friend’s rural hometown in Sweden to participate in a midsummer festival, but what begins as an idyllic retreat quickly falls into a violent and bizarre competition due to the involvement of a pagan cult.

A Quiet Place (2018)

Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), her husband Lee (John Krasinski), and their children are forced to live in silence and communicate through sign language to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt using sound. The slightest whisper or footstep can bring an end to their lives. Evelyn and Lee are determined to protect their children and find a way to fight back.

Relic (2020)

Kay (Emily Mortimer) and her daughter Sam (Bella Heathcote) return home to search for the family matriarch Edna (Robyn Nevin). But when they arrive, they discover a haunting presence throughout the house, which is slowly taking over Edna’s mind.

The Medium (2021)

In the Isan region in Thailand, a shaman, Nim (Sawanee Utoomma) claims that she is possessed by the spirit of Ba Yan, a local goddess in the area. But the goddess has actually taken possession of her nephew Mink (Narilya Gulmongkolpech), and it isn’t as benevolent as everyone thinks it is.

Host (2020)

Six friends — Haley (Haley Bishop), Jemma (Jemma Moore), Emma (Emma Louise Webb), Caroline (Caroline Ward), Radina (Radina Drandova), and Teddy (Edward Linard) — host weekly Zoom meetings to keep in touch with each other during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. To spice things up a bit, they hold an online séance but accidentally invite a demonic presence into their houses and begin to notice strange occurrences.

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

When a group of young adults gets stuck at a remote mansion during a hurricane, they play a party game to pass the time. But this game starts to go very wrong indeed as they find a dead body on the ground. They must navigate the storm as they try and find out the fake friends and the identity of the killer among them.

Talk to Me (2023)

Another group of young adults playing with dangerous and supernatural objects, this time a hand that lets people talk to the dead. They keep pushing the boundaries of the game, and end up facing the deadly consequences.

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