Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens ending explained – does Ali successfully reunite with his mother?

June 18, 2021
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Netflix film Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens - ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens is another Netflix original Indonesian movie that explores the life of immigration, friendship, and the journey of finding a place to call ‘home’ with a touch of wittiness, bittersweetness, and warmth for the heart. After Ali, a 17-year-old determined, creative, and emotional young boy, embarks on a one-way journey to New York City to find his mother, he crosses path with Ratu Ratu, a group of five independent Indonesian immigrant women who juggle their lives to survive, working towards their dream to build a restaurant. To pay for the remaining cash, the gang decides to let Ali stay at their nest with an installment payment; in return, they’ll help him.

After searching, Ali finally finds his mother, Mia, and is surprised that she is now a married woman with two children.

What happens to Ali and his mother?

After Mia forcefully asks Party to give the airplane ticket and paycheck to Ali to return to Indonesia, the thunder breaks at the nest of Ratu Ratu. Ali, who did not accept that his mother neglected him, falsely accuses the Queens of receiving the money from his mother to send him off. His behavior snaps the hell out of Ance and the rest of the squad, which tears their relationship apart, but not for long.

Ali rushes to Mia’s house to find the truth. He forcefully knocks on their front door. Both of them have an arousing confrontation. Ali desperately wants to live with his mother and gain acknowledgment as her son, tearing off both airplane tickets and paycheck while blurting out all of his loneliness from watching his father’s sadness to finding his cold dead body on the floor. Mia, who is torn between her regretful past and established present, breaks down in agony. It’s a pretty sentimental scene where we finally get to see the real emotions of Mia; how resentful she is of herself for abandoning her son. She begged him to hate her rather than cling to her. Ali, who is in disbelief, decides to leave and asks her to take care of herself–leaving Mia in a breakdown.

After the emotional encounter, Ali runs towards Eva’s workplace, where they share a hug while he cries his heart out. He spends the night at Eva’s place, where he promises that he will find a new place to stay the next morning. Eva snaps him back to the realization that he already has one, which is the Queen’s place.

Feeling regretful of what he had said to the Queens, Ali creates a compilation of footage and animation of his moments in New York to show his gratitude and apology towards Ratu Ratu. They are all moved with sincerity and hug Ali. Meanwhile, Mia watches the video animation and begins to cry alone. She then confronts her husband about her past and Ali. 

Ali’s self-made video animation marks his acceptance and is the first step to move on with his life and no longer holding on to his past.

So does Ali go back to Indonesia? What happens after that?

Nope. After all the drama, it is shown that Ali continues to live with the Ratu Ratu and got himself a scholarship to pursue his studies. It’s character development we love to see because let’s not forget that Ali took a gap year, refusing to enter college before flying to New York to find his mother. He enrolled at the same university alongside Eva. Meanwhile, the Ratu Ratu successfully opens their very own restaurant. They also celebrate Ali’s birthday. After he blows the candle, Ali and Eva hold hands, giving them uwu’s reaction from the squad except for Ance, who gradually accepts it with a smile.

Back in Indonesia, Ali’s cousin, Zoopunk, got permission to fly and pursue his education alongside Ali in New York. Another tiny but fond development because at the beginning, we could see that Ali’s aunt was so against his departure because of her fear that Ali might get sidetracked due to culture and lifestyle. It is also shown after the ending that Zoopunk arrived safely in New York.

Well, that’s a wrap for Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens! Everyone got their happy ending. It is safe to say that Ali reunited with his mother in the end, but they decided to live their separate lives. It is the most rational yet bittersweet way of giving both sides closure. For some audiences, it might look unfair for Ali, who came from Indonesia, to find his mother who left him. But let’s not forget the background stories of Mia, who had her own hardship for paying the price of her broken dreams. Plus, she is now a married woman and a mother of two other children. You can’t have both worlds. She can’t offer to make the same mistake ever again. Besides, Ali also gains a beautiful family and the love of his life in the end — Ratu Ratu and Eva. Oh, and also, himself!

So, did you like the ending of Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens? Let me know your thoughts!

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