Is the movie A Million Miles Away based on a true story? Explained

September 15, 2023
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Is the movie A Million Miles Away based on a true story

Is the movie A Million Miles Away based on a true story? We discuss the 2023 Prime Video and its authenticity. 

Prime Video presentation A Million Miles Away is directed and co-written by Alejandra Márquez Abella, a Mexican filmmaker whose previous film, North Over The Void, a family drama, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2022.

The film tells the story of a young boy who comes from a migrant family of farm workers and grows up to be an astronaut. The film excels in its depiction of following a dream, no matter how impossible it seems.

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With themes of family, community, and sacrifice, it’s easy to see why the film has struck such a chord with viewers. Of course, with films of this nature, viewers usually need one question answered. Prepare for lift-off into this short but illuminating article that answers the question: is the movie A Million Miles Away based on a true story?

What is the movie A Million Miles Away about?

The film follows the story of José Hernández, born into a migrant family and working on a farm, who dreams of flying to the stars. Jose only spoke Spanish until he was 12 and was not overly keen on going to school, but he would go on to follow a dream of becoming an astronaut and making his way to outer space.

The film is a biopic that tells of his struggle over his adversary to become a legend.

Is the movie A Million Miles Away based on a true story?

Yes, it is a  true story. The film is inspired by the book Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut.

The book was released in 2012 and is a memoir by José Hernández that details his life and journey that led him to becoming an astronaut.

Is Jose M. Hernandez a real person?

Yes, he is, and his extraordinary story is also true. The film stays close to its source, and we follow Jose from his early years of farm work to graduating from Franklin High School in Stockton.

A teacher at his school would convince his parents to stop moving around the country, helping Jose to enter consistent education, a decision that probably shaped his future.

José went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of the Pacific two years later. He would achieve a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering while studying at the University of California.

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He dreamed of becoming an astronaut, so he applied to NASA, hoping to find a place in their training program. However, the application was unsuccessful. However, this did not stop Jose, who applied again and again and again.

It took him twelve attempts before he would become successful, and on August 28, 2009. Jose would fly to the stars. While in orbit, Jose would tweet updates, making him the first person to use Spanish in space.

The first tweet read, “El primer dia de nuestra semana de ensayo simulando nuestra primer semana en el espacio! First day of simulating our first week in space!”

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