The Disturbing Story of Amarjeet Sada: Where Is the Youngest Serial Killer Now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 15, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Amarjeet Sada
Amarjeet Sada

The case of Amarjeet Sada is a story so disturbing that you will find it hard to believe. The following case study explores another serial killer, but this time, the killer has the face of a child. With disturbing content ahead, I advise reader discretion as I explore where Amarjeet Sada is now, and more details.

Amarjeet was raised in an impoverished family in Bihar, Eastern India. By all accounts, an average child, if a bit of a loner, Amarjeet tended to keep himself to himself, not playing with the other seven-year-olds in the village.

However, it would not be long before an opportunity would present itself to the boy, leading to shocking, inconceivable events that the world had never seen before.

In 2006, the child’s aunt would visit, accompanied by her six-year-old daughter. Amarjeet would be left alone with his cousin, and the seven-year-old would start hitting the young child before strangling her, taking her to the neighboring woodlands, and brutally hitting her with a brick before burying her lifeless body. Astonishingly, the boy would confess to his crime, and even more horrifically, his family would cover up the murder, not reporting what he had done.

This incredible lack of judgment would lead to another horrific incident when Amarjeet would kill his own sister not even a year later. The young killer would take the infant from her cot and strangle the child to death. His mother would become aware of the terrible crime, and the twisted Amarjeet would admit to what he had done.

Neighbors would also become aware of the despicable, sickening crime, but the parents would beg them not to inform the police. It will be impossible for any of us reading this account to understand the thought process behind the decisions made, but needless to say, the reluctance to turn Amarjeet over to the authorities would lead to a third killing.

The murdering child would claim a third victim, another infant, a six-month-old baby girl called Khushboo. In scenes reminiscent of the worst horror film, Amarjeet, now nine, would spot the child in a baby stroller at the local school.

Amarjeet Sada

The child’s mother left the baby in the buggy, assuming she would be safe on the school grounds. Witnesses would say they saw Amarjeet with the baby, and he would be brought to the police for questioning.

With casual disregard, he would admit to killing the infant, strangling and hitting her, before burying her. Officers would be left speechless by his lack of emotion and controlled demeanor as the child murderer led them to the makeshift grave where he had buried the innocent baby.

Amarjeet was sent to a home for juveniles and kept in solitary. Indian law states that a child cannot be sent to prison, meaning he escape the usual procedures and sentences that would be handed down to older killers.

Amarjeet would have been detained until he was eighteen, although some reports indicate he was sixteen when released.

Amarjeet will have received a new identity upon his release, and careful steps will have been put in place so that he cannot be found or identified.

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