Revealing the Father: Jean Milburn’s Baby Mystery in ‘Sex Education’ Season 4

By Lori Meek
Published: September 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Father of Jean Milburns baby in Sex Education Season 4
Jean Milburn with her baby in Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)


Jean Milburn is a sex therapist, writer, and Otis’s overbearing single mom in Sex Education. In the first episode of season 1, we meet her much younger one-night stand, Dan, before we’re even introduced to her, which has made the father of her baby a mystery. 

Since her divorce, Jean threw herself into raising Otis and running her sex therapy clinic. She avoided commitment and would routinely bring home a string of casual sex partners, to her son’s dismay, mainly because these new people kept barging into his room while trying to find the toilet. 

She then meets Swedish Plumber Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt), a widow, and the two start developing a romantic connection. Otis dating Jakob’s daughter Ola does complicate things a little.  The relationship ends when Jean becomes overwhelmed by Jakob’s constant presence in her home. So naturally, she kisses her ex-husband Remi, and when she confesses to Jakob, the two break up.

She later regrets her decision, but it’s too late by that point. 

Who is the father of Jean Milburn’s baby in Sex Education Season 4?

When she wakes up following her close brush with death, Jeans checks her mail. Among the letters, she sees the results of the DNA test. Jakob is not the father. It’s Dan.

Season 4 starts a few months after the baby’s birth, and viewers get to see a less glamorous and put-together version of Jean. Neither Jakob nor Ola made an appearance all season. Jean does get a new houseguest: her younger sister, Joanna. 

Joanna meets Dan, who works at the bank she is trying to get a loan from. The two hit it off straight away and go on a few dates. Thankfully, the strange relationship doesn’t get far because Dan’s weird toes put Joanna off after their first intimate encounter. 

During one of those dates, Joanna takes baby Joy with her. Unbeknownst to either of them, he introduces Dan to his baby. 

While Jean is resistant to the idea of telling Dan he fathered a baby; her sister eventually convinces her to do the right thing. We also learn that Dr. Milburn always knew there was a chance Jakob wasn’t the baby’s father, but she loved him and wanted to make things work. (After all, Jakob did get a vasectomy before meeting Jean). 

Jean Milburn’s Pregnancy Journey

In the season 2 finale, Jean sees her GP, hoping to get treatment for perimenopause. Instead, she receives the shocking news that she’s pregnant.

During the first few episodes of season 3, she hesitated to tell Jakob the (not-so-happy) news. When she finally does, the pair decide to co-parent together. 

As the spark between Jean and Jakob can’t be contained, the two try giving their relationship another go. As they’re about to be a family, Jakob and Ola move into the Milburn home. Surprisingly, Otis takes the arrival of a bonus sibling whom he used to date quite well. 

After running into Jean’s former fling, Dan, Jakob tells her he doesn’t trust her. He knows she used to engage in a lot of casual sex, so s**t-shames her before asking for a paternity test. 

Jean is appalled by the request. She shouldn’t have been. 

The birth is very complicated, and Jean nearly loses her life before even getting the chance to meet her baby. Thankfully, she survives. 

Jean Milburn with her baby (L) with Otis (R) in Sex Education Season 4 (Credit – Netflix)

Did Jean cheat on Jakob?

Jean didn’t technically cheat on Jakob. She slept with Dan before starting a committed relationship with Jakob. When the two first started sleeping together, Jean was terrified of dating someone seriously. So she used Otis and Ola’s budding teen romance as an excuse to stop seeing Jakob. And then she invited Dan over, probably to convince herself she didn’t want a relationship with Jakob. 

However, Jean does kiss her ex-husband, which is the catalyst for her and Jakob breaking up at the end of season 2. “Kiss” is a very mild way of describing what happens between Jean and Remi. The two were about to have sex before Otis interrupted, giving Jean a chance to come to her senses. 

She didn’t cheat on Jakob because she didn’t have enough time to get the job done. 


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