Sex Education season 3, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

September 17, 2021 (Last updated: November 18, 2022)
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Netflix series Sex Education season 3, episode 8 - the ending explained


The finale has a few major developments that will leave audiences excited but frustrated about what’s to come for the characters.

This recap of Netflix’s Sex Education season 3, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous episode.

We reach another ending of Sex Education. While there are some conclusive storylines, as usual, our teenagers (and adults) find themselves a little in limbo, teasing more stories from this series.

Sex Education season 3, episode 8 recap

Otis and Ola head to the hospital; Jean has had a hemorrhage after giving birth, and it feels “touch and go.” Otis feels guilty because he argued with his mother beforehand. They finally see their newborn sister, but Ola cannot face the situation and walks away. The situation gets too much for Otis, and he breaks down — luckily, his best friend Eric comforts him. And then there’s a big sigh of relief — Jean is out of surgery. She made it. There is no character death in season 3.

Eventually, Otis sees her mother. Jean tells Otis that she’s “the King of Everything” — she’s high on anesthetic and isn’t aware of what’s going on, which brings humor to the finale early on.

Lily has been struggling recently, but she returns to school in the season 3 finale. At first, she felt the need to outgrow her alien obsession, but when she gets to school, a student wants her to sign one of her stories in the newspaper, and she has a change of heart. It’s her personality; she needs to embrace who she is. She reconnects with Ola, and they attend a shooting star night with other alien enthusiasts. It’s good to see that this relationship survived season 3 — we want to see more of them in season 4!

After the theatrics at the school, Hope has left. She’s gone. And there are a few celebrations. Some students think Colin should apply for the headteacher position, but as we discover later on in the episode, the situation is much direr. Emily wants to apply for the headteacher position too; however, it’s announced that the funders have been removed from the school, and the portfolio has been handed to developers. The students need to find a new place to finish their education. We expect this to carry on into season 4. This is big! Moordale could be no more!

Jackson admits to Cal that he freaked out when they hooked up, especially when they said it would be a “queer relationship.” Jackson tells Cal that he is not queer, but he’s willing to learn. Cal explains that they are still figuring things out, and they don’t want to carry Jackson as well — they suggest that they become friends. There’s plenty of education regarding the different spectrums of the LGBTQ+ community in this series, and let’s hope it continues.

As for Maeve, she’s still confused about her life. She finds her mother hidden on the school grounds even though she’s meant to be on the run. Erin gives Maeve money so she can travel to America and attend the Gifted and Talent Program. Maeve feels it is too late and raises how she’s moving in with Anna.

Adam and Eric finally speak after Eric admits he kissed a man in Nigeria. Adam tells him to stop apologizing and wonders if they can forget what happened. Eric explains that it was not “just a stupid kiss” and that he felt freer, but he does feel bad that he hurt Adam. This is the end of their relationship, and Adam is gutted. Adam is at a different phase in his life, while Eric is embracing his identity.

We’ve seen a lot of Hope in season 3, but who would have thought that her story would have ended so abruptly. Maybe there will be a story for her still in future seasons. Anyway, Otis bumps into Hope — she tells him that the students have destroyed themselves, but Otis says it is important to stand up for themselves.

It turns into a small therapy session; Hope reveals to Otis that she’s been trying to get pregnant for three years, and she does not think it will happen — she feels like a failure as her body does not work in the way she expects. Otis tells her she is not weak or a failure and that being honest and open about her vulnerabilities makes her courageous. Jean overhears her son giving advice and is proud. Otis tells his mother he’s interested in pursuing a career in therapy. We agree, Otis!

Otis gets upset, and he tells his mother he thought she was going to die. He admits he wants a mother in his life, even if he sometimes acts like a child. Jean tells Otis that he’s not a child, but a young man, which she finds difficult to accept. She thanks him for being brave. As Otis leaves. the hospital, he tells Jean that Maeve is “his person.” As he walks away, Jean opens the DNA results for the paternity test, and she doesn’t look happy — she looks shocked. Oh no, is Jakob not the father?

Adam has found a new interest in life — dog competitions. He enters one, and he does every well. He gets special recognition for a brilliant debut performance. Afterward, he tells his mother that Eric was his boyfriend, and they broke up. He also tells his mother not to tell his father that he got a special prize at the dog competition, as he will be disappointed that he did not win. This spurs Maureen to text Michael telling him that having sex with each other was a mistake. Michael and Maureen have gone full circle between two seasons!

The ending explained

As season 3 of Sex Education ends, it leaves the audience whether “Maeve and Otis” will ever be a proper relationship. Aimee tells Maeve not to miss out on the America opportunity for a boy — and that’s it, Maeve decides she’s going to America. She meets Otis late in the night and tells him she’s leaving immediately. They hug it out, and Maeve tells him that she will genuinely see him again soon. What a painful love story this is turning out to be.

Additional points

  • Viv walks to school with her handsome boyfriend and there’s a shock.
  • Layla apologizes to Cal for not speaking up and asks for their help with a binder.
  • Ola feels that what happened to Jean is her fault for having horrible thoughts for her. Her father Jakob reassures her. Ola tells Jakob that she’s worried that he’ll like his new family more than her. Jakob tells Ola that she reminds him of joy.
  • Aimee breaks up with her boyfriend.
  • Maeve tells Isaac she’s moving in with Anna. She apologizes to him for being a dick. She asks if they can be in each other’s lives and be friends.

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