No One Will Save You Ending Explained – Does Brynn Survive The Alien Attack?

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
No One Will Save You Ending Explained
No One Will Save You (Credit - Hulu)


No One Will Save You follows Brynn, a woman living in her childhood home who suddenly experiences an invasion by potential unearthly visitors. The film was written and directed by Brian Duffield and stars Kaitlyn Dever in the lead role of Brynn. The ending of the movie has a poignant meaning.

When we first meet Brynn, she is quiet and reserved and dances to the beat of her own drum in this small town. As she goes around town, you notice people aren’t keen on her. At home, she seems to be in this happy bubble of her own.

One night, she is awakened by a loud thud, which she quickly realizes is some alien-like creature inside her house. Over the next almost hour and a half, we see her battling for her life against these aliens.

Very early in the film, we see these alien-like creatures take over Brynn’s household and attempt to fight her upon seeing her. Throughout several battles, Brynn would be able to overpower some, but the more that came, the more it started to overtake her and get the best of her.

What do the aliens do to Brynn?

After fighting them off as long as she could, the aliens got the best of Brynn. We see this bright red beam shine in her face that could manipulate her and throw her around however they wanted. Finally, the alien froze her in one spot and coughed up this ball, which turned into a bug-like thing that entered Brynn’s mouth.

No One Will Save You (Credit – Hulu)

After this happens, we see Brynn awaken in her bedroom with the house untouched, like nothing ever happened. However, things quickly go south when she runs into another version of herself in the woods. That version takes a knife and stabs her in the stomach, but as they embrace, the real version takes a box cutter, slicing her throat and killing her.

Does Brynn survive the alien attack?

Even after being able to take down the clown version of herself, the aliens shined this bright white light from the sky upon her. At this moment, we see this alien make eye contact with her, leading to it touching her forehead, and when it does that, we get a flashback of Brynn and her past.

We witness all the tragedies that led her to be in this place of aloneness now. After we go through this history, the aliens almost feel empathy for the trials and tribulations that she had been through and send her back to Earth. The following day, Brynn is living her life like nothing, with one slight change that she is an alien amongst other aliens in this small town.

Director Brian Duffield ended this movie in a fascinating way that showed the possibility of aliens having the same type of emotion that a human would. Throughout this movie, these aliens were trying to “possess” Brynn, but when it came time to close that door, we see them see her past and feel empathy leading to them “letting her go” in a way.

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