Nicole Steck: Who is the wife of free climber Ueli Steck?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 4, 2023
Nicole Steck: Who is the wife of free climber Ueli Steck?

Stunning but tragic, Netflix documentary Race to the Summit features two fearless free climbers, Ueli Steck and Dani Arnold. The climbers would find themselves in a strange rivalry, with Arnold beating one of Steck’s climbing times. Steck would then return to the climb and do it again with the object of reclaiming his record. The documentary covers the incredibly dangerous activity and the climbs that both men would achieve, but the danger that these climbers faced would end tragically for one of them. This article takes a closer look at one of the people who had to live with this dangerous obsession.

With some incredible footage, expertly captured by photographer Robert Bösch, this is a fascinating look at a world that most of us will never be part of, and surely that is one of the reasons why we watch this kind of content.

Who is Nicole Steck?

Nicole Steck is the wife of Ueli Steck, one of the climbers featured in the Netflix documentary Race to the Summit.

Steck, known as “The Swiss Machine” for his incredible ability to free climb at speed, would tragically fall to his death while climbing Mount Nuptse.

Is Nicole Steck a climber?

There is very little information to be found on Nicole, and perhaps after the death of her husband, she prefers to stay away from the spotlight often shone on him.

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However, we did find reports that indicate that Nicole and Ueli would meet at an ice-climbing competition.

The couple would climb the North face of the Eiger together, so we imagine that Nicole may have had an interest in climbing at one point.

It is always difficult for the family and friends of people who have a love of a dangerous activity. There will always be a feeling of dread every time they take part in that activity, and it takes a strong person to live with and accept that their partner is driven to do what they do, while they have to remain supportive despite their inner fears.

During the documentary, it is stated that Nicole knew the terrible risk he would be taking on every climb, and she hated it when he did solo expeditions.

Is Nicole Steck in Race to the Summit?

Nicole does not appear in the film, although she is mentioned in it.

Ueli would die in a fall in 2017. The film covers the memorial service, and a journalist who is featured in the film explains that Nicole told her a proverb after the service:

“It is better to live one day as a tiger, than a thousand days as a sheep,”

She said that phrase was important to Ueli, and given some of the extraordinary things he accomplished in his life, he certainly lived up to the idea.

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