Where is climber Dani Arnold now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 4, 2023
Where is climber Dani Arnold now?

Netflix documentary Race to the Summit is an adrenaline-fuelled look at two alpine climbers, Ueli Steck and Dani Arnold, who compete against each other in hair-raising races to set speed records on the Swiss Alps’ great North Faces. One of these men would meet a terrible fate, but the other continued to pursue record-setting feats of derring-do. But where is Dani Arnold now?

The documentary features some absolutely incredible photography, and breathtaking scenery, giving the viewer a chance to experience the setting, without leaving their living room.

A recent article on Outside would state that one of the featured climbers, Dani Arnold, is the fastest alpinist still alive, and would break rival Ueli Steck’s record for racing up the North Face of the Eiger in 2011.

Previously, Euli held the record for the fastest time, which he achieved in 2008 until Dani took the honor from him, leading to a rivalry that seemed to motivate them both.

However, before we go any further with this incredible tale of dangerous rivalry, let’s do a little research.

Who is Dani Arnold?

Dani Arnold was born in February 1984 in Switzerland.

Living in the village of Biel ob Burglen, Dani would have grown up close to the mountains and would find a connection with the environment around him.

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Before long, he would develop a love for climbing, and the mountains would provide the nurture for his skills.

In his early twenties, he would follow a path of free solo ice climbing, a particularly dangerous activity that his parents would not encourage.

It was his skill and natural ability that led to him making headlines when he broke Ueli’s record-breaking sprint of the Eiger North Face in 2011.

Ueli would not take this defeat easily though, and in 2015, he would attempt the climb again, beating Dani’s time by six minutes.

Dani would go on to break other record climbs though, including a particularly dangerous ascent of the Scottish climbing route known as “The Hurting”.

Where is Dani Arnold now?

Dani would continue to push himself in the arena of speed climbing.

On August the 15th, 2021, he would complete a project that he had been working on for ten years — to speed solo all of the six great North Faces of the Alps.

The final climb would be on the two thousand nine hundred and fifty foot Allain-Leininger on the Petit Dru’s North Face, marking the completion of his ultimate climbing schedule.

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Dani now resides in a small village in Switzerland called Burglen.

He has a wife and young daughter, and stated in an interview with Outside that being a father and husband has led him to be more careful about his activities, saying, “It’s important to go for what you’re motivated by, but you have to know when to stop.”

Tragically, the other climber featured in the show, Ueli Steck, would fall to his death in 2017 attempting to climb the Nupste in the Himalayas.

Is Dani Arnold in Race to the Summit?

Yes, he is heavily featured in the stunning documentary.

The documentary was directed by Daniel Lachat and Peter Mortin and features interviews and clips of both climbers who are involved.

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