Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained (In Detail)

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 5, 2023 (Last updated: October 9, 2023)
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Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained - Episode 7 - Recap


A grandstanding finale, setting up a potential future story. There’s life in this series still.

Reaching the finale of Lupin Season 3 has hardly been a task due to the brilliant pace and well-curated storyline — Episode 7 has plenty of moving parts, with an ending that will have the audiences wanting more. We delve into the finale as much as possible and provide a spoiler-filled recap. 

From the start of Part 3, the stage was set. Assane (Omar Syhad to stay away from his family, whom he adores, and live in the shadows, with the public believing he is dead. Assane’s mission was less selfish in Part 3. Not only did he need to devise a super complicated plan, but he also had to ensure his family could leave France for good, away from the trials and tribulations that burden him. 

The ending of Season 3 had many challenges to answer, but the key was keeping audiences enticed while teasing a continuation.

Lupin Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Breakdown

The season 3 finale opens with a fright — Jean-Luc Keller has broken into Claire’s apartment. Claire and her son Raoul hide, terrified, in the darkness. Claire distracts Jean-Luc by ringing her home phone, leaving a voicemail, and pretending she isn’t in, which, somehow and surprisingly, works. Claire may have a complex past with Assane, but she’s certainly learned a thing or two from him.

The finale sees Assane finally reuniting with his mother, Mariama. He wants to know why she didn’t join them 25 years ago. Mariama expressed she tried to get the money to join him and his father, but her boss halved her wages. She tried to steal the other half of her wages but was arrested. When she got out of prison, she became a thief, like mother, like son, but in different circumstances. 

Claire rings Assane, immediately revealing that she knows he is “Alex,” and tells him she’s desperate for help. Assane is reunited with his son and Claire, but this time as himself and without the persona of Alex. This is a fitting moment as Claire gets to meet Mariama, at the same time: mother-in-law and grandmother. 

Young Jean-Luc Keller in 1998

In a flashback in 1998, young Jean-Luc Keller devises a plan to rob a jewelry store during the World Cup Final, forcing Assane and Bruno to join in on his crimes. Assane shows his slick ways in this robbery, managing to breach a safe easily. 

In the present, Assane devises a plan to force the dodgy Minister of Interior to release Ben from prison, but Mariama and Claire are against it. Mariama tells Assane to look after his wife and child.

But Assane has a grander plan. Pretending to be a Lieutenant Colonel, he meets a well-decorated military man. He convinces him that they know each other, providing a false story that they fought in a war together.

The plan involving the Minister of Interior

Assane then gets invited to a privileged party where he is introduced to the Minister of Interior. Assane then sneaks into the Minister’s office and breaks into his safe. After, he convenes at a party while the building security investigates a potential intrusion.

It turns out Mariama is in on Assane’s plan. Assane told his mother to access the safe and steal what he marks there. He knows no one will suspect her if she does the stealing. However, they are spotted by one of the security men once they head back to the party, so they escape via the tunnels and run onto a speed boat that Assane stole earlier in the episode. 

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Assane had stolen the Minister’s burner phone from the safe. He rings the Minister and reveals the contact list on his burner phone: criminals and undesirable people who should not be connected with a government official. He threatens to expose the contact list unless he releases Manon from prison. This is the first proper twist of the finale, as we expected Assane to release Ben first. 

How does Assane capture Jean-Luc Keller?

Assane asks Keller’s acquaintance, Manon, to help catch him. In a desperate plea, he tells her that Keller is not a good man and reveals the truth of what happened in the robbery of 1998.

Flashbacks show young Keller, Assane, and Bruno fleeing from a cop on a motorbike after robbing the jeweler’s store. Keller forces Bruno to shoot the cop from their car with a pistol. Assane tries to stop Bruno, but it’s too late — Bruno shoots the officer dead, which leads to Keller crashing the car. Assane and Bruno run away.

In the present, Assane tells Manon what Keller is capable of. Manon calls Keller, seemingly complying with Assane’s plans.

After Guédira gets another tip from Assane, Guédira rings Sofia and tells her where Assane’s plans are: Place de L’Étoile, and he’ll have the Black Pearl. Sofia is understandably skeptical. Guédira asks her to trust him.

At the Place de L’Étoile, Assane confronts Jean-Luc Keller and tells him that Manon will not be coming. Assane asks for the Black Pearl and tells Keller that he tipped the police to his location. Flashbacks in 1998 show that before Assane ran away from the car accident, he planted the gun on an unconscious Keller so that he was framed for killing the cop.

Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained

The police arrive. Keller tries telling Assane that he needlessly framed him and that he only wanted freedom. But Assane isn’t buying his persuasive words and tells him that if he gives him the Black Pearl, the police have nothing on him. He gives Assane the Black Pearl. Assane is trying to end the torment of Keller once and for all. 

The police arrest Keller, but he tells them he doesn’t have the pearl. Sofia then tells Keller that he’s under arrest for the murder of Ferdinand Marchal. Checkmate. 

Guédira desperately searches for Assane, but he doesn’t need to try because Assane gives himself up voluntarily. Assane tells him it’s over, and this is the part where he arrests him. Guédira asks for the Black Pearl, but Assane tells him he doesn’t have it. He’s already gotten it out of the building via another acquaintance. 

Who was the man at the end of Season 3?

Claire, Raoul, and Mariama are safe. But Claire knows Assane will not be turning up to leave the city with them. Assane knew the only way he could keep them safe and away from Keller was to ensure he went to prison for his crimes. Assane has done the right thing and does right by Claire. In a deal with the police, Assane asks Guédira to release Ben from prison. Assane’s last condition in jail was the access to read his Lupin books.

However, there’s a twist. As the episode ends, it turns out his cell neighbor is an old enemy — Hubert Pellegrini.

It looks like there are plans for more seasons, and let’s hope so. This was a fantastic finale, showing the strength of the story.

What did you think of the finale of Lupin Season 3 – was Episode 7 good? Comment below.

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