Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – Who robs the stash?

September 7, 2023
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Netflix's Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4 Recap - Who robs the stash?


Top Boy takes a while to assess the ramifications of the previous episode, as events finally seem to be catching up to various characters.

This recap of Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4, “The Food Is Killing Us”, contains spoilers.

It’s the morning after the night before, so to speak, and “The Food Is Killing Us” starts by reacquainting us with the new status quo following the bloody, fatal events of Episode 3. So, to recap: Jeffrey’s cleaner turns up to find his corpse on the kitchen floor and blood all over the place, and Sully deposits two duffel bags full of drugs at a stash house ready for Kieron to pick up.

Whatever the surface value of those ill-gotten gains, they probably won’t be worth the blood that has been spilled thus far. And the blood that will inevitably be spilled down the line.

Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Lizzie, though, is still in the wind. Wilson Lee tells Dushane that she flew from Stanstead to Dublin. The detective Dushane hired reckons he can find her for the cool price of another £20,000 — on top of the ten that Dushane has already paid through Wilson, despite not actually having it.

What does Mandy tell Jaq?

Two prominent figures come to the forefront in this episode: Mandy and Jaq.

Mandy is rapidly emerging as a real voice of reason in her community. When she spots Kieron selling drugs to schoolkids, she’s quick to remind him of how the entirety of Summerhouse came to his defense to stop him from being deported. This isn’t how he should be repaying them.

Likewise, she checks in on Jaq, who’s isolating herself even from Becks and the baby, and tells her that Lauryn’s death is her fault. It’s a bitter pill for Jaq to swallow, and she slaps Mandy for serving it to her, but it’s not like she didn’t recognize her culpability already. 

Even in her own household, Mandy is a beacon of reasonableness. Stef and Erin take their relationship to the next level, and they’re still in Erin’s bedroom when Mandy gets home. Intuiting what has happened, she makes them both dinner and lays out some very reasonable rules in a young relationship — be kind to each other, don’t send intimate photos, and don’t make any babies.

Who robs the stash?

Mandy’s lesson sinks in for Jaq.

When she gets back on the streets, she once again takes issue with Marianne, the addict lady who neglects her child. Noticing that the pram is empty, Jaq insists Marianne take her to see her kid and make sure it’s okay. They get to her apartment to find the baby abandoned, crying on the floor, covered in filth and rashes.

Jaq is so distraught she cries in Kieron’s car, manipulates him into revealing which stash he picked up Sully and Dushane’s drugs from, and robs the lot, leaving Amanda unconscious and tied up.

These bags were more imperative to Sully and Dushane than ever. With Dushane still stinging from Shelley having left him, Jeffrey’s death on the news, and a wealth of physical evidence left behind at the murder scene, Dushane is already on a ticking clock, and that’s before Sully visits him to tell him that after the split the latest haul 50/50, they should part ways.

Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4 Ending Explained

At the end of the episode, Sully finds out that the stash has been robbed, though he has no idea who by.

Elsewhere, Si gives Stef the gun that Jamie once gave to him, and teaches Stef how to use it, using the potential of killing Sully as a motivator.

And, finally, Jaq reveals to Kieron that she has the drugs. She says it’s too late to save Lauryn, but not too late to save her nephew, putting Kieron in an impossible position just as Sully calls him.

You can stream Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 4, “The Food Is Killing Us”, exclusively on Netflix.

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