Maycon Roque Murder – Where is Karina Roque Now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 5, 2023
Maycon Roque Murder - Where is Karina Roque Now?

The true crime story you are about to read is one of the most disturbing ever recorded. Karina Roque allegedly tortured and murdered her own five-year-old brother, Maycon Roque, while babysitting for the child while their mother was out to pick up shopping. The extent of the torture and murder was almost incomprehensible and led to Karina being arrested by the police and incarcerated for one count of qualified homicide for her brother’s death and one count of attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill her uncle when he discovered the crime scene. But where is Karina Roque now?

The staggering horror of the situation makes this case hard to understand, and perhaps we never will know the real truth behind Karina’s actions, but if true crime is something that interests you, then this article will provide you with some of the details that surround it.

Please be advised that the article will contain disturbing information as we explore the subject of the Maycon Roque murder.

The Murder of Maycon Roque

Reader discretion is highly advised.

Karina Roque was left in charge of her five-year-old brother, a perfectly normal circumstance in a normal household in Sao Paulo in 2019.

At the time of the brutal murder, Karina was eighteen, and her brother was only five. The incomprehensible events would be discovered when her mother returned home and found the doors unusually locked.

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Realizing that something was wrong, she would alert her brother-in-law who would force the door open and discover the body of the Maycon.

He had been decapitated, and his genitals were missing, and the body had multiple wounds including injuries to his eyes and slashed wrists. Karina was found standing over the dead body, she had allegedly claimed to have eaten the boy’s genitals.

She would try to escape from the home but was subdued by the uncle and other members of the family. Karina would use a rock to strike her uncle in an attempt to escape. The family dog would also attack Karina during the traumatic scene, and Karina would in return bite the dog back.

While being questioned by the police, she would explain that she had told young Maycon they were playing a game, before attacking him.

An autopsy would reveal that the five-year-old was dead before the mutilation of the body had begun.

The nature and circumstances of the crime suggest to many that there may have been a ritualistic element to the killing.

The body was encircled by candles, and the terrifying details have led many to believe there may have been some kind of Satanic ceremony involved. The police would also pursue this theory, wondering if Karina was involved with a group that was involved in Black Magic.

A hidden mobile phone was found but had been deliberately damaged, possibly to stop them from accessing information on the device.

The family would state that Karina had never shown any indications of mental health issues, or interest in the occult.

Where is Karina Roque Now?

The Sun would report that Karina Aparecida da Silva Roque was held in a solitary cell at the Votorantim Women’s Prison in São Paulo where, as far as we can tell, she remains to this day.

However, information about this case is very scant.

What sentence was given to Karina Roque and when will she be released?

Reports online state that Karina received a sentence of one hundred and twelve years for the crime but it should be noted that there is very little about the case available online and this figure may not be accurate.

We did discover that the defense for Karina may have been preparing to enter a plea of diminished responsibility, claiming that Karina was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia, however, there seems to be no official updates about the case or court documents available, and this may be speculation.

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