The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 12, 2023
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The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


There is lots of twisted, sick fun to be had in “The Black Cat,” as Leo is haunted and taunted by a wicked pet cat. The show includes further jump scares in the present, whilst unpacking more of its intricate plotting in the past. It feels like the narrative is starting to gear up somewhat now as well; the show is building momentum with each new installment.

Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher focuses on Leo’s death in Episode 4, “The Black Cat”, as the video gamer is haunted by a twisted feline foe. Elsewhere, the series explores Roderick’s introduction to Auggie in the 70s. Verna continues to pop up in all of the siblings’ busy lives and Freddie tries his darnedest to access Morella’s burner phone.

Our recap contains all the details, but also spoilers for this episode and the entirety of Season 1 up to this point.

The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth chapter opens with a meowing cat. Leo has been looking for a new cat to replace the old one that he accidentally killed in the previous episode whilst in a drug-addled haze. Of course, the pet shop owner that he is greeted by is Verna. Leo spots a cat that looks exactly like Julius’ old one and offers any sum of money to purchase it. Verna warns him against the purchase, but Leo doesn’t listen.

He takes the new cat home, but things get off to a terrible start. The cat scratches at Leo’s wrist. Then Leo is informed of Camille’s death. The brother can’t believe another sibling has died. He argues with the family at their next meeting.

Madeline asks Leo to read out a statement to the press, but he refuses. The gang seems to be lost without Camille, but Roderick barks out his demands. He orders the siblings to toe the line, to do exactly as Madeline says.

How do the twins find their enemy?

Arthur shows Madeline and Roderick the CCTV footage from Camille’s death. They see a woman security guard, but the image is grainy. Madeline thinks this could be the same woman that was found at Perry’s rave, but she isn’t 100% sure. She thinks there is a link though. Later, when the image is enhanced, both Madeline and Roderick recognize this mysterious woman straight away — it is Verna.

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Roderick questions Victorine about Camille’s death next. Victorine defends herself, rejecting the accusations that she is the informant and that the trials are failing. To prove the trials are actually successful, Victorine tells Roderick that they are now moving on to human trials. Roderick is relieved that they are making progress. Verna signs the appropriate paperwork later in the episode, agreeing to the operation.

Arthur passes Freddie the burner phone he found in Morella’s belongings. Freddie can’t quite believe that his wife had a second phone, one he didn’t know about. Arthur urges him to unlock the phone, but he can’t access it. Freddie tries Morella’s fingerprints and the facial recognition setting, but is unable to gain access to the mystery phone.

How does the cat taunt Leo?

Leo struggles to sleep; he sees the cat staring back at him in the dark. Then he finds a dead rat in his bed. The cat continues to leave Leo small gifts around the apartment, taunting him. Roderick discusses Leo in the present, stating that his son used the cat as a punching bag, because of his grief. Suddenly, Roderick has another horrifying hallucination as Leo’s body falls between him and Auggie.

The series then returns to the 70s flashback sequences, which show how Auggie and Roderick first met. Auggie was investigating Fortunato. He had found forged signatures on important documents. Roderick wasn’t aware of these but declined to help Auggie anyway. He feared that he would lose his job if he spoke out. Madeline forced Roderick to stay quiet, but to speak with Auggie in private still.

Back in the central storyline, Tammy notices Verna at one of Bill’s live-streamed workouts. She questions her husband at home about it, but he denies seeing her during the workout. Roderick starts to have his own horrific hallucinations. He tells Madeline that he has CADASIL, just like their mother had.

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Leo continues to struggle with his grief and the psychotic cat. During a conversation with Freddie, the cat jumps out at him and scratches his eyeball. Next, Leo finds more dead animals around the apartment. He decides to call Verna to remove the creature immediately.

Verna states that this sort of behavior is common in cats and is harmless on the whole. The cat then attacks Leo, scratching at his neck. In retaliation, Leo strangles the cat, popping out one of its eyeballs. Verna once again inhabits the creature, haunting Leo.

The Fall of the House of Usher Episode 4 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Leo hunting for the cat in his apartment. He tears down all the walls, totally losing the plot in the process. Julius comes home to find Leo in the midst of this breakdown. Leo has visions of the cat and Verna once more, but Julius cannot see these images himself. It is all in Leo’s head.

How does Leo die?

The cat sits on the balcony rail. Leo chases after it and falls over the edge. Leo plummets down to the ground below, he is killed instantly by this great fall from the seventh floor.

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