Is the TV Show Beacon 23 based on a book? Story Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: October 13, 2023
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Is the TV Show Beacon 23 based on a book? Story Explained

MGM+ may not be on the same level as the other major streaming services out there, but it has been producing some intriguing content of late. Its latest original series, the science fiction thriller Beacon 23, is set to premier on the network in the coming weeks. But what is the show about and is it based on a book? All the latest information can be found below.

Plot of Beacon 23 Explained

Beacon 23 tells the story of a man called Halan, who works at a remote lighthouse deep in outer space in the 23rd century. This lighthouse works just like the ones found on Earth did, protecting passing ships that are lost in the dark. But these specific beacons are built to help guide spaceships traveling across the Milky Way at great speeds in a futuristic landscape.

Lone lighthouse keeper Halan is soon joined by a mysterious stranger called Aster. The two individuals find themselves trapped together at the edge of the known universe inside one of these AI-controlled beacons. Halan is unsure if he can trust Aster, who acts suspiciously from the off, hiding her own dark secrets from the lighthouse’s operator.

Is the TV Show Beacon 23 based on a book?

The MGM+ TV series Beacon 23 is based book, technically. It’s adapted from a series of short stories written by Hugh Howey. These five short stories were released in five parts, back in 2015, under the same name, but they were later edited together into one whole novel.

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Author Hugh Howey is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity after his book series Silo was turned into a hit Apple TV+ series starring Rebecca Ferguson, released earlier in 2023.

MGM+ will be hoping that Hugh Howey’s successes with Silo can be transferred over to this new show, which has already been renewed for a second season, even before the first season has aired.

Is the TV Show Beacon 23 based on a book? Story Explained

Who is cast in Beacon 23?

Beacon 23 stars Stephan James (Surface) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) as the central characters. The series is also rumored to feature appearances from Stephen Root (Barry) and Natasha Mumba (The Last of Us).

Stephan James will be playing the lonely lighthouse keeper in the show, a former military man, whilst Lena Headey will be portraying the mysterious Aster, who visits Halan at the edge of the known universe. She is rumored to be playing a government agent, but it is unclear at this stage whether Aster’s character is a hero or a villain, as Halan doesn’t know whether to trust her or her stories in the beginning.

Where to Watch Beacon 23

Viewers in the USA can watch Beacon 23 on MGM+ from November 12, 2023. The first two episodes will be premiering on that date, followed by six more installments that will be released on a weekly basis each Sunday.

It is unclear whether Beacon 23 will be released internationally just yet. Previously, MGM+ has released its original shows across the globe via other networks. The show From, for example, is currently available to watch on Sky in the UK and Paramount+ in Canada. If Beacon 23 becomes a success, then another streamer will likely pick it up in the following months for international release.

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