Where is David Glatzel Now? Alleged Demon Host Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: October 17, 2023
Where is David Glatzel Now? Alleged Demon Host Explained

A Netflix documentary titled The Devil on Trial delves deep into the attempted use of demonic possession in defense of a murder charge by Arne Johnson. Key to this claim was the experience of Arne’s fiancée’s brother, David Glatzel. He was allegedly possessed when he was only 11 years old, an event that caused the family to get both so-called demon experts and the church to help them.

It’s difficult to assess the validity of these claims, as a lot of it relies on belief and faith rather than evidence. Over forty years later, David has moved on from this incident that affected the family and has kept himself busy with his life in America.

Where is David Glatzel now?

David Glatzel is one of the younger members of the Glatzel family. After more than 40 years since he claimed that he was possessed by a demon, he’s keeping himself busy in America, taking pieces of junk and fixing them, keeping his hands busy.

In the documentary, David says that he keeps himself busy “because idle hands make the devil’s work.” While he has gone off the radar, his older brother Carl said in 2021 that his brother has “moved on” and is doing much better now.

What happened to David Glatzel?

When David was 11 years old in 1980, he claimed that he was possessed by the devil. When he was helping his sister Debbie Glatzel move in with her fiancée Arne Johnson, he claims that he was alone in a room, and a cold chill came over him. This resulted in allegedly seeing what he described as a “devil in a Halloween costume. His eyes were black, solid black, just like a chunk of coal.”

Later that night, David would wake up screaming, saying that he saw something come closer and closer to the house. The family also claimed that they heard unexplained noises throughout the night.  They got alleged demon experts Ed and Lorraine Warren to come and advise, and they said that David might have episodes where he doesn’t act like himself. And David did, swearing at his parents, saying that Jesus would go to hell, which the family recorded and took photos of.

At one point, they took David for an exorcism at the church, where the priest performed a ritual on David that ended with the demonic spirit allegedly transferring to Arne Johnson. After this, it appears that David was OK, with no more episodes to speak of.

Was David Glatzel possessed by a demon?

While Carl argues that David wasn’t possessed by a demon, and must likely suffered hallucinations, mood swings, and other side effects associated with their mother drugging their food with Sominex, and was likely primed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, alleged experts in the study of demons, it’s clear from watching The Devil on Trial that David sincerely believes that he was possessed. He repeats this throughout the documentary.

However, it seems more likely that his behavior when he was 11 was caused by drugs, and that David wasn’t possessed at all. The symptoms he suffered line up with the effects of Sominex, and if David’s dad was able to get David to calm down during an alleged possession like Carl describes, then it certainly seems more likely the issue was more earthly bound.

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