Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 19, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


“Man on Fire” is a highly entertaining penultimate episode. The series continues to promote adorable romances, whilst finding time for the occasional sweet moment and more sarcastic humor. The episode ends with an exciting action sequence that sets things up rather nicely for the Season 2 finale.

Pirate captain Stede Bonnet has made many new, dangerous enemies along the way in the rip-roaring second season of the Max original series Our Flag Means Death. And in Episode 7, “Man on Fire,” Stede’s new-found infamy comes back to haunt him as he is attacked by multiple foes. Meanwhile, the crew of the Revenge make the most of their new popularity.

This recap contains all the details — and major spoilers.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Continuing on with Ed’s redemption storyline, the infamous pirate decides to shed his Blackbeard persona for good, throwing all of his leathers overboard. This is a therapeutic act for Ed, who wants a fresh start, to move away from his old life of crime and violence. He tells Stede a similar story as they enjoy breakfast in bed together. And Ed finally thanks Stede for saving his life.

The crew of the Revenge then dock at the Republic for Pirates and head out onto dry land. Zheng is spotted at the market straightaway. She has been recruiting many of the pirates in the region, as she continues to build her pirate empire. Olu spies Zheng from across the street, but she is less than pleased with his sudden arrival. There is still friction between these two.

What gifts does Ricky send Zheng?

Zheng has just negotiated a deal with Prince Ricky and is building herself a large army in the meantime. Ricky sends each of her ships a grandfather clock as a gift to seal the deal. He sends a message with these gifts, talking about this being a time for peace.

Stede and Ed grab a spot of lunch together. Stede opens up about the love letters that he had sent Ed. Then Stede is approached by a group of excited fans. Word has spread of Stede’s first killing and people want to meet with the man who murdered Ned Low in Episode 6. The local pirates are all awestruck by Stede, offering to buy him drinks that night.

They all head to Spanish Jackie’s place. Ed gives Stede some tips on becoming infamous, stating that people will try to kill him now. The rest of the crew are nervous to be back at Jackie’s, but she welcomes them in, they are now famous as well. Frenchie decides to take advantage of this new fame and starts grifting the locals.

Stede parties with his new fans and gets rather drunk, whilst Ed and Jackie catch up. Jackie and the Swede are shocked to see Ed without his leathers. But Ed promises that this isn’t just a phase, this is his new self. Elsewhere, Olu ponders his next move with Zheng.

How does Stede kill his second victim?

While Stede bonds with his new followers, the pirate is accosted by an angry enemy. Stede responds by setting the man on fire, hence the episode title. Stede has committed his second killing now. Ironically, it looks like Stede and Ed are swapping roles, with Ed desperate for peace and Stede now stepping into Blackbeard’s killing boots.

The couple reunites later. Stede tells Ed about the killing. Ed says that he wanted to take their relationship slowly, but thinks that last night’s hook-up may have been a mistake. The couple then gets into an argument. Ed announces that he is leaving, he has accepted a job on a fishing boat. Stede is heartbroken. Their romance has once again been derailed.

Izzy tries to console a heartbroken Stede, realizing that he is in fact good for Ed. Jim manages to reunite Olu and Zheng. They discuss their own relationship. Zheng has trust issues but has missed Olu. The couple then hold hands. Olu decides to join Zheng’s army, ditching the Revenge entirely.

Why is Stede angry with Zheng?

Stede overhears this conversation and confronts Zheng. He accuses her of poaching his crew mates. This argument of course ends in a sword fight between Zheng and Stede. As they are fighting, other guests are caught up in the fray, leading to an all-out bar brawl. Spanish Jackie eventually interrupts this ruckus, ordering them all to take it outside.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Zheng appears to have the upper hand, besting Stede at every turn. He crawls away from her, yet he seems to have already lost the battle. As the clock strikes midnight, all of Zheng’s ships suddenly explode in unison. Ricky’s gifts were actually a trick. He had planted bombs in all of the grandfather clocks. Zheng watches in shock as her entire fleet is destroyed.

Then the harbor is attacked. Cannonballs come hurtling at them, destroying the surrounding buildings. The pirates all flee. Zheng falls to the ground, unable to turn away.

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