Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 19, 2023
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Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


“Calypso’s Birthday” is the best episode yet, mixing together addictive gallows humor, surprising tension, and plenty of warmth. This season has been a lot of fun on the whole, but the sixth installment may just be the highlight.

Max original series Our Flag Means Death is firing on all cylinders in its second season, perfectly capturing the show’s hugely successful balance and tone. Episode 6, “Calypso’s Birthday”, is a fine example of just that, as the show delivers plenty of sarcastic humor, and more brutal violence, yet it still somehow manages to move viewers with its heartwarming camaraderie and surprising tenderness.

Our recap contains major spoilers.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with the introduction of a new bad guy, Ned Low (Bronson Pinchot). This twisted pirate is angered by Blackbeard, who has beaten his all-time raiding record. Ned had 88 consecutive raids at sea, and Ed has gone and ruined his entire legacy. Now Ned is out for revenge.

He isn’t the only one desperate for revenge though. Prince Ricky Banes wants his vengeance too, after losing his nose to Spanish Jackie. The wannabe pirate was working with Stede’s crew at the time of the incident, but they left him for dead, so he blames them wholeheartedly. During a rousing speech, Ricky tells his colleagues that he wants to bring an end to piracy.

And of course, there is the Queen pirate Zheng Yi Sao, who was also betrayed by Stede and his gang. Zheng wants to work with Ricky to bring an end to piracy too. She has built herself a pirate navy, but she wants her crew to be paid a living wage, to not be treated like pirates at all. Zheng and Ricky negotiate a deal, hoping to end piracy altogether.

Why does the crew of the Revenge throw a party?

Meanwhile, the crew of the Revenge discuss parties. Morale is quite low, so Frenchie makes up a fake celebration to motivate the team. He says that today is Calypso’s birthday and they decide to throw the sea goddess a party.

Elsewhere on the ship, Ed apologizes to Izzy and then meets up with Stede. His partner has collected all of his stolen treasure and stored it in one room. Ed still feels guilty for all of the death and destruction that he’s caused, which is reignited once he’s faced with all the spoils of war in one place. Stede suggests that Ed gives away his money, to do some good with it to make amends.

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Stede and Ed are then updated on the party. Ed decides to use his treasure to pay for the whole shebang. They head to dry land to spend their fortune. Ed gives away some of his wealth and two of his favorite knives to two random kids (played by Taika Waititi’s children) that he passes on the street.

Their celebration follows. The crew gets very drunk and dances together, with Izzy singing a rather emotive song. It’s a lovely moment, which is then totally ruined by a sudden attack on the ship. Ned has arrived with his own ruthless crew. He is here to exact his revenge.

Stede’s crew are quickly tied up and Ned’s soldiers begin the torture. Meanwhile, Lucius and Pete awaken below deck. They have just completed 24 hours of uninterrupted lovemaking and are ready to return to their crew for some fresh air. They overhear the screams from above, realizing that the ship is under attack.

How does Stede save his crew from Ned Low?

The two lovers gather as many weapons as they can carry, but are too nervous to attack. Back on deck, Stede starts to turn Ned’s crew against their own leader. Stede then escapes from his shackles and holds one of Ned’s employees hostage. The employees argue with Ned, and then Lucius and Pete spring into action. They announce that they’ve just gotten engaged during all of the chaos. The crew are audibly happy for them.

The torture is practically over before it has really begun. Ned’s gang leaves without their leader, taking his ship for themselves. Stede even offers the enemy crew mates some treasure as a peace offering. Ed and Stede are then left with their rival, unsure of how to proceed. Stede orders Ned to walk the plank, but Ed doesn’t want his partner to become a cold-blooded killer.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Who kills Ned Low?

Ed pleads with him to stop. Stede doesn’t listen to Ed’s warning though. He throws Ned’s violin at the foe, which causes Ned to fall into the ocean. It would appear Stede has committed his first killing.

He returns to his cabin to be alone with his thoughts. Ed follows, hoping to comfort him. Stede and Ed then begin to make passionate love to one another. The episode ends with the rest of the crew mates continuing their party, setting off fireworks and celebrating in true style.

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