Big Mouth Season 7 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: October 20, 2023 (Last updated: October 23, 2023)
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Big Mouth Season 7 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

It has been confirmed by Netflix that Big Mouth will end in Season 8. Fans of the series were completely heartbroken by the news. There are many stories left to tell, especially after finding out that the characters are going to high school in the middle of this season. The pacing of every season of Big Mouth has been spot-on in showing summer vacation and both semesters of middle school, but the Season 7 ending takes the big step of completing that transition from middle school to high school.

Big Mouth has felt like a comfort show for so many because of how each character was developed to show different teenage experiences. Even though you may feel it’s a vulgar show about middle schoolers, it still has valuable life lessons that have educated the masses.

Season 7 did have new characters and great stories to accompany them. The series has always been about self-discovery and adapting to your surroundings. It’s all about experimentation and how to express how you’re feeling emotionally. It’s a wonderful series and the seventh season is nothing short of amazing.

Big Mouth Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

Officially at the end of Season 7, the Big Mouth kids start high school. They are all stressed, especially Andrew who was threatened by Timon during the high school tour because Andrew accidentally touched his girlfriend Pumba’s breasts. The same choir from the first episode returns in Episode 10 to open the first day of school. The Big Mouth writers expertly show every character and how they feel about their first day of high school.

This is a massive change for each of them and truthfully, Kroll and Mulaney have created such a safe environment for their characters to explore mental health and sexuality.

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Time Travel, Body Swaps, and First Days

Thankfully, the Big Mouth cast are all together when they enter high school and they want to help Andrew with his problem. It wouldn’t be a Big Mouth finale without a little bit of time travel or body swap. Andrew was feeling so nauseous with Timon on his case, so he vomits out a future version of himself. By doing this he tries to change the course of his actions, but he ends up vomiting out multiple versions of himself because of everything that he has done.

On the other side, the pressure of going to high school physically affects Missy (Ayo Edebiri). She dupes her parents into going to the first day and says that she’s sick.

Nick is at a different prep school away from his friends and the only one he knows there is his new neighbor Danni. He really likes her and has been trying to navigate that relationship and his feelings for her but sadly once they go to the same school, she doesn’t pay attention to him and he has a terrible first day.

Big Mouth Season 7 Ending Explained

It’s nice to see Jessi with Leah in high school, but she can’t really be herself. She really wants to be popular but she ends up being awkward. Her sarcasm goes over the popular girl’s heads and she feels more comfortable with Lulu, even though she spills the chocolate sauce all over her. She does go sit with her at the bleachers and begins to vape.

It’s funny to see Lola be the center of attention because she fights dirty. She knows that high school is literally a reality show and she has to play the students like that. She and Jay could not be more separated and she had even dated his older brother.

The series does end on a cliffhanger as they set up all these storylines for the characters heading into Season 8. Andrew does get beat up, Jessi does get high, Missy’s parents decide on homeschooling her, and Nick is perfectly content with his place in the library. Everyone has found their clique and Andrew is afraid that he’s going to lose his best friend Nick.

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