The Real Reason Big Mouth is Ending after Eight Seasons

By Adam Lock
Published: October 21, 2023
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Why is Big Mouth Ending after Eight Seasons

Netflix has just released the seventh season of its hit animated series Big Mouth. This puts Nick Kroll and the gang’s original series into competition for the prestigious honor of being one of Netflix’s longest-running originals. And a proposed eighth season will push them to the top of that list. But why is this hugely successful show ending after eight seasons?

Big Mouth Series on Netflix Explained

Created by real-life friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, alongside filmmakers Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, Big Mouth tells the kooky story of a group of hormonal teenagers as they start to discover their bodies while bumbling their way through the nightmarish ordeal that is puberty.

The show centers on awkward middle schoolers Nick Birch (voiced by Nick Kroll) and Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), who are constantly pestered by the outlandish hormone monsters Maurice (also voiced by Nick Kroll) and Connie (Maya Rudolph). These highly sexualized monsters are always trying to tempt the students into giving in to their unpredictable sexual urges.

Throughout its seven seasons, the series has explored many of the teens’ budding romances and sexual awakenings. Big Mouth also addresses important topics surrounding sex and puberty. Normally, personifying objects or people is a method of dishing out confusing advice on these embarrassing subjects.

The show also includes many inventive and original creatures from this strange universe, in addition to the hormone monsters, that represent other key emotions from adolescence. For example, there’s the portrayal of the shame wizards and the Lovebugs. These creatures have also starred in their own two-season spin-off series called Human Resources.

Why is Big Mouth Ending after Eight Seasons

Why is Big Mouth Ending after Eight Seasons?

In April 2023, long before the seventh season had even aired, it was announced that Big Mouth had been renewed for an eighth and final season. Co-creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg commented at the time on how the show was ready to conclude, joking that they had stretched the three years of middle school to eight years in length.

This planned conclusion has allowed the creators time to end the series on their own terms to the best of their abilities. The Big Mouth creators’ very own production company, Brutus Pink, has just signed a new overall deal with Netflix. This means that the creators can continue to write and produce new animated projects for Netflix for years to come. This implies the writers were ready to move on to a new project anyway.

Why is Big Mouth Ending after Eight Seasons

Will Human Resources be Ending after Two Seasons?

As Big Mouth ends, so does its spin-off series, Human Resources. The animated spin-off show has also been canceled, concluding its short run with its second season, which premiered earlier this year. It looks like the Big Mouth universe will be closing its doors for good after the main show’s eighth-season finale.

Fans of Human Resources shouldn’t be too disheartened, though. It has been announced that the main characters from the spin-off series will be returning once again for Big Mouth’s eighth season. The writers are planning on giving those characters a true send-off as well, as the two worlds come together once more. Hopefully, the writers can do both shows justice and conclude this epic story in style.

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