Creature Season 1 Ending Explained – Does Ziya Die and What is Ihsan’s Plan?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 20, 2023
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Creature Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained - Netflix Turkish


The finale of Creature brings a satisfying conclusion to what has been a below-average series.

There is a lot to explore in the ending of Netflix’s Creature, an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein — Season 1, Episode 8 brings a mixed conclusion as Ihsan is reunited with his Maker, Ziya, providing plenty of exposition about his life since that tragic scientific experiment. In the present, a bloody fight ensues, and Ihsan has one last thought on Mankind. 

Aptly titled “I’m Done with Man(kind),” the Creature finale brings an ending with plenty of philosophical discussion for the viewers. It forces audiences to think about the subject matter at hand—science versus God and the lust of the human race to become their own God.

There’s plenty of sympathy for the lead characters in Episode 8. While Ihsan’s plotting comes with plenty of understanding, you can also understand the pain endured by Ziya.

This recap contains major spoilers.

Creature Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Breakdown

The finale opens with Ziya tied to a chair and gagged. He calls out for Asiye, but she’s not there. Ihsan tells Ziya that he can now walk and talk because he’s fully resurrected — he then explains that he killed Aisye and tortures him with his words: he’s resentful and dismayed by how Ziya left him, and it’s understandable why. Ziya begs Ihsan and asks him to spare Aisye’s life. Ihsan brings Asiye into the room, who is not dead after all.

Ziya asks Ihsan to spare his life over Asiye’s, but Ihsan is not interested in his pleas and asks Ziya to rebuild the machine for him that got the two main characters here in the first place. Ziya is untied and promises Asiye that he will sort everything out. Asiye looks upset, and she wonders what Ziya has created. She begs Ihsan for mercy. However, Ihsan puts his plans in motion.

What is Ihsan’s Plan?

En route on Ihsan’s mission, Ziya asks him about the people he killed and explains that he saved his life, but Ihsan tells Ziya that he created a monster and he’s trying to maintain a clear conscience through a lie.

Ihsan describes what happened during the experiment on him: he claims he saw the future where millions will die due to epidemics and war. He states he saw purgatory and heard Ziya’s voice, his Maker. Ihsan talks about the sins of humans. Ziya is confused by Ihsan’s lack of scientific language and tells him that everything he saw was a dream.

Ihsan is not bothered whether he experienced a dream or a reality, but he wants to make his plans a reality. He accuses Ihsan of becoming a Maker, embracing a discovery, and moving on. He tells Ziya that God Esma will absolve them of all their sins. He wants them to use the machine to bring Esma from the ice. Ziya is bewildered by these plans that go beyond the facets of science.

Meanwhile, Asiye tells her family about the kidnapping of Ziya by Ihsan. She tells him that Ihsan wants to rebuild the machine, which hints at their location.

Creature Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained - Netflix Turkish

Creature Season 1 Ending Explained

Does Ziya die?

In the present day, Ziya leaves his tent and thanks Ihsan. And then, Ihsan opens an iced chest that’s full of gold. The soldiers around them are overjoyed. This is sudden wealth. But then, a bloody fight ensues, and Ziya is shot dead.

Asiye and co visit the old house where the experiment happened and experience a small earthquake. The Book of Ressurection comes up from the ground.

Ihsan is dismayed that Ziya has died and begs him to wake up. The Captain offers Ihsan to build him a home in the forest. He wants to figure something out for him, but Ihsan tells the Captain that it’s over, and he wants nothing to do with Mankind. You can understand Ihsan’s position. He walks away from humans without anything left for them. Their lack of kindness and greed disillusions him.

Ziya had left a letter for the Captain to give Asiye. He asks her to forgive and forget about him and states that she was the only “good story” in his life. The Captain discreetly delivers the letter to Asiye, who mourns over Ziya’s death.

As Creature Season 1, Episode 8 ends, Captain tells the story of Ihsan and Ziya in his book, hoping that humans learn from it. Meanwhile, Ihsan and Ziya are frozen in the snow together, as they were always destined. This was their fate.

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