Are Taylor and Shea from Netflix’s Surviving Paradise Still Together?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 23, 2023 (Last updated: October 27, 2023)
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Are Taylor and Shea from Netflix's Surviving Paradise Still Together?

Shea Foster met Taylor Olympios while taking part in the 2023 Netflix survival reality game show Surviving Paradise. The players were encouraged to form bonds with each other in an attempt to win the cash prize that was on offer, and it did seem that Shea and Taylor bonded in the short time they were together, becoming a couple. But there would be trouble in paradise between the two, leaving viewers wondering whether Shea and Taylor are still together.

We should never really forget that despite its name, reality TV has often proved to be anything but, and there were some raised eyebrows about the pairing and the authenticity of their romance.

So, with the first season of the show over, like detectives at a crime scene, we have been looking at the evidence to offer up our findings about the aftermath of the show.

Taylor Olympios and Shea Foster Surviving Paradise Journey

Shea seemed to be attracted to Taylor from the outset of the show, and the couple would be seen flirting and getting to know each other. The two would get a real chance to bond after they were brought together for the first survival drop challenge, with Taylor desperate to get out of the wilderness and volunteering to go on the drop, and of course, Shea saw the opportunity to spend some time with her and stepped up to the plate to complete the task.

The two would seem to be a strong unit together, but that would all change in the eighth episode of the show when a task saw the players pair up without realizing that one of each pair would be sent to camp. When it came to the crunch, Shea decided to stay in the villa, and Taylor was sent back to the camp, no doubt making Taylor think twice about their partnership and Shea’s almost nonchalant dismissal of Taylor.

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Perhaps we should mention that Shea had in fact made several sacrifices for Taylor in previous tasks on the show, so maybe he just wanted a break this time.

The event left Taylor to be eliminated from the process, and Shea made it to the final four finale.

Are Taylor and Shea from Netflix’s Surviving Paradise Still Together?

The couple have not been very transparent about the status of their relationship, but Taylor recently did an article with Daily Mail Online where she hinted at the couple’s standing.

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The situation that arose between the two, with Shea staying in the luxury villa, seems to have been an instance that left a cloud over the couple.

When Taylor was asked about their relationship, she replied,

“How am I gonna put this? These things happen. Life happens.

Me and Shea come from two very, very different lives and I think when we were on the show it was like we were having the same life and things were really easy.

When we left the show and we were both back to both our lives and we are combining both of our lives, it was a bit of a shock.”

Later in the interview, Taylor would iterate that she is currently not single, but remained vague about the status of her relationship with Shea.


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With the show being filmed in 2022, and the pair moving forward with their own separate journeys, if we were forced to speculate about the couple, we imagine that although they stay in touch, it doesn’t look as if they are still romantically involved. But that is just us guessing — never say never.

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