Shoresy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 27, 2023
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Shoresy Season 2 Ending Explained
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The finale of Shoresy sees the culmination of the Bulldogs vs. Americans while opening the door for Season 3 with a massive cliffhanger

The Bulldogs are prepping for the big game against the Americans in the season finale of Shoresy Season 2. Can Shoresy and the team get their heads together and make history by winning back-to-back titles in the NOSHO? Or will the team fail with the pressure mounting? We have all the answers you need in our breakdown of the ending but be warned that it contains major spoilers not just for Episode 6 but also the entire second season.

Shoresy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

As the Bulldogs get their photos for the calendar, Shoresy enters the building with a horrendous spray tan, and everyone makes fun of him for it. He explains that women want to see men looking all sexy and thought the spray tan would make things better.

With the team on the cusp of facing the Yanks, Shoresy explains to his team that he wants them to abstain from sex on game day. Later that night, Shoresy has dinner with his family, which gets him nostalgic.

How are the players introduced?

Sanguinet is giving the team the pep talk about their plan of attack for the game. Shoresy asked the whole team if they came through on their promise of not having sex before the big game, and everyone said they abstained.

Sanguinet told the team they would bring each player on the ice individually. Next, as each player was being announced to the ice, they plastered their photos from the calendar shoot on the big screen for everyone to see. Shoresy was unhappy with how it all played out because he knew they were set up.

Who do the Bulldogs take out of the American team?

Shoresy and the Americans face off and exchange hateful remarks as the puck gets ready to drop. Sanguinet and Shoresy devise a plan for the Jims to take out Palmer after the puck drops, leading to a big fight and them hurting him. It did come at a cost, as the Jims were thrown out of the game, but Palmer left the game with an injury.

The game has a massive back-and-forth with each team finding the net several times through the first two periods. The score heading into the final period was 2-2. Shoresy fires up the team in the locker room to lay it all on the line for the last period to continue their winning streak.

Shoresy Season 2 Ending Explained

Do the Bulldogs beat the Americans?

A few saves by the Bulldogs goalie fire the team up as they fight back, scoring two more goals in the game’s final three minutes. The Bulldogs beat the Americans 4-2 and continue their record-winning streak in the NOSHO.

We fast forward to two days later where we see Tat telling Shoresy they need to keep up the win streak. Shoresy tells her they will win the NOSHO again and head to the National Senior Tournament. She told him they got enough money from the calendars to bid for the National Senior Tournament and got it. The best hockey teams in Canada will play for the National Title against the Bulldogs in Sudbury, and Shoresy’s jaw is on the floor.

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