Shoresy Season 2 Review – A worthwhile second season

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 27, 2023 (Last updated: December 11, 2023)
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Shoresy Season 2 Review - Hulu
Shoresy Season 2 | Image via Hulu


Shoresy provides more or less the same amount of humor as in the past but adds an extra layer of drama, resulting in a solid season. 

Everyone’s favorite toothless hockey star is back trying to take his Sudbury Bulldogs to the playoffs in the Hulu original series Shoresy Season 2. At the end of the first season, Shoresy and the squad fall short against the team rivals, but the Bulldogs are back trying to push forward. However, a new love interest might throw a wrench in those playoff aspirations. 

This review is spoiler-free.

Shoresy Season 2 review and plot summary

Season 2 picks up shortly after the first, where we find out that after their big loss to the Cyclones, Shoresy and the Bulldogs swept the playoffs to win the league.

The winning streak has continued as they are trying to be the first team in league history to go back-to-back and do it while remaining undefeated. However, a new team in the NOSHO league is looking to keep the Bulldogs from repeating.

The pressure starts to mount on Shoresy as the team tries to pull off something that has never been done. Each member of the Bulldogs begins to get chastised by Shoresy because they aren’t performing at the high level they once did.

Easily, the best storyline of the season was introducing the new team to the NOSHO. As a result of the pressure, we see Jared Keeso continue to thrive in the role of Shoresy. Although the humor can be hit-and-miss, Keeso’s performance in the role of Shoresy in Season 2 is his best to date. 

Speaking of the humor, you have to enjoy a special kind of comedy to enjoy ShoresyThe writing of this show is borderline outrageous and even stupid. Of course, that is the absolute point of the show, but it’s not in the moments where the humor crosses the line that is bothersome, but rather the lack of it delivering cohesively to make the whole experience enjoyable. 

One of the better aspects of Shoresy Season 2 was the writers adding a more dramatic element to the challenges the Bulldogs faced with the American team. While they are trying to accomplish something not done in the history of NOSHO, the Bulldogs have a brand new team hot on their heels to ensure that doesn’t happen. With the season being only six episodes, you have this fantastic storyline that levels up within each installment, leading to the big finale.  

Shoresy Season 2 Review - Hulu

Shoresy (played by Jared Keeso) – Image by Hulu

Letterkenny and Shoresy fans will rejoice

It’s relatively simple — if you are a fan of Letterkenny or Shoresy, then Season 2 of the latter will provide you with everything you want. Between the raunchy humor and some of the funnier one-liners you will ever hear, the laughs will be non-stop for fans of the series. 

Season 2 of Shoresy might have had its best storyline to date, but the continued uneven humor takes away from the overall enjoyment of the series. If we get a third go-around, I hope the writers hone in a little more cohesiveness in the humor to go along with the well-written story aspect.

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