Surviving Paradise Season 2 Latest Updates

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 31, 2023
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Surviving Paradise Season 2
Surviving Paradise | Image via Netflix

Netflix‘s reality survival game show Surviving Paradise took twelve hopefuls off to an idyllic island, where they expected to spend their time in a luxurious villa, interacting with each other. However, in a classic rug pull, the contestants were kicked out of the palatial home, and forced to live in a ramshackle wilderness, left to survive with rationed food and the prospect of facing challenges in the hope of gaining passage back to the villa. It was a major hit and speculation about Surviving Paradise Season 2 is currently running rampant, so we’ve taken the time to gather all the latest updates about the reality show’s potential future.

Note: Since it’s still early days, a second season has not officially been confirmed and news about it is scant. However, we will update this article with new information whenever we receive it, so check back regularly!

Fans were invested in the various personalities, and I am sure that viewers had their favorite players that they hoped would make it to the villa and win the cash prize, a prize that was doubled mid-season from a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars. However, the concept is what was really compelling, and that would presumably remain mostly unchanged in a second season that could cycle in new, good-looking contestants to compete for the prize money.

Surviving Paradise Season 2 Potential Release Date

Well, the bad news is that there has been no official confirmation of a second season of Surviving Paradise.

Netflix went silent when asked about another season of Surviving Paradise, but don’t lose hope yet. They may still be collating the relevant information needed before they green-light another season, and often it can take a few months before all the data is available.

The first season of the show was filmed in the Summer of 2022 and dropped in October of 2023, so we imagine if a new series is commissioned, they would repeat the process of filming in the Summer of 2024, for a potential release date in 2025. However, it’s worth reiterating that without any official announcements, this is purely speculation.

However, Surviving Paradise has no doubt been popular. Netflix Top 10 reveals that in the show’s first official week of release, October 23-29, 2023, it massed 1.3 million total views, breaking into the English-language TV top 10.

This is a positive sign for Surviving Paradise Season 2. Other Netflix reality shows such as Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind have received multiple seasons.

How did Surviving Paradise Season 1 end?

The show would whittle down the players to a final four comprising Linda, Shea, Lellies, and Gabe.

Linda would be the eventual winner of the show, but there was an extra twist thrown at Linda in the final scene. She was offered a chance to take an increased winners pot of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or she could take the two hundred dollars and split it fifty-fifty with another player.

In a shocking revelation, Linda would opt to split the cash with runner-up Lellies, gifting her one hundred thousand bucks.

How was Surviving Paradise reviewed?

The show has had some mixed reviews, and currently has a 5.5/10 on IMDb, with some saying that the contestants were annoying, “spoiled and obnoxious,” and the show rules were unclear, making for a bad viewing experience.

The Guardian gives the show 2 out of 5, calling it, rather provocatively, “TV for people who need hate and mockery to feel alive.” Decider said to “skip it”, because, “The reality show landscape is thick with options. It’s worth your while to build an alliance with literally any of those choices before you try the empty, callous drivel of Surviving Paradise.”

We were kinder in our own review, scoring the show a 3.5/5 and saying this:

This series is throwing a lot into the mixing bowl, and unfortunately, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. But that doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to watch. There’s an island, a game, there are tasks to survive, there’s the conflict of betrayal, possible friendships and romances, and finally a cash prize.

As ever with this type of programming, Surviving Paradise was pitched firmly at genre fans and calibrated for their enjoyment. It isn’t likely to do anything to change the minds of those who don’t care for the genre, though.

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