Ferry: The Series Review – It’s time to admit that we like Ferry Bouman despite being a shoddy villain

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 3, 2023 (Last updated: November 6, 2023)
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Ferry: The Series Season 1 Review
Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman in Ferry: The Series - Image Courtesy of Netflix


We shouldn’t like Ferry Bouman, but we have to admit, he’s a villain who’s easy to like.

Ferry: The Series may take advantage of a character that has no right to be popular, but Netflix deciding to take advantage of Undercover and turn it into a franchise is a brilliant and, more likely, accidental decision. 

Ferry: The Series is a prime example of a universe forming unintentionally from nowhere. I never would have thought I’d want to see Ferry Bouman on my screen again, but I have to admit, I enjoyed this series despite the unavoidable predictability.

Ferry: The Series Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

This Netflix title is yet another prequel to Undercover but a sequel to Ferry, the movie, so it’s understandably getting confusing at this point. Why Netflix decided to jump around the storyline is a mystery, but it supports my viewpoint that this franchise was never meant to happen.

Ferry: The Series, as the title suggests, continues to follow the drug dealer and the man who offers a lot of grunts, Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers), as he continues to attempt to become a drug lord in a saturated space, mainly from a camping site. It’s a bonkers concept, regardless if he’s inspired by a real-life drug dealer.

Ferry is a complicated character. We should hate him. He has terrible fitness. He talks to everyone like shit. He’s managed to court an attractive woman. But outside all of this, he’s terrible at business, especially when it comes to drugs.

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But maybe that’s why we also like him. Maybe it’s time to admit that Ferry Bouman is the kind of flawed man we’d love to shake hands with at the pub. He’s the kind of man who is more relatable because many of us are average and terrible at many things. 

In a series that focuses mainly on him, Ferry is still hopelessly in love with Daan while attempting to take on a drug empire by initiating himself into a violent gang. His name alone has gotten him this far, but it’s a bit of reach when he bamboozles his way into a biker gang establishment and shouts expletives at its leader. His incompetence always somehow wins, bringing a far-fetched story that confuses and resonates with viewers.

Is Ferry: The Series a good addition to the Undercover franchise?

Ferry: The Series fills in the gaps that Undercover didn’t have a chance to. We learn how John came to be a useful sideman and how Daan became so attached to Ferry despite his shortfalls and violent past. We begin to understand how Ferry is influential despite seemingly being the least influential man ever.

But I liked this prequel (and sequel) story. I like this franchise. It’s not as impactful as Undercover, but I wish we had this character development first.

The series is far better than the movie. There’s breathing space for the cast to perform their characters as best as possible. While the series is predictable (mainly because we know where Ferry ends up), the story still holds. Better Call Saul worked marvelously despite being a prequel to Breaking Bad.

I really hope that we get another season. We probably will. Netflix cannot get enough of this rambling drug dealer with zero skills.

Was Ferry: The Series Season 1 a good sequel? Comment with your thoughts below.

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