Ferry: The Series Season 1 Ending Explained – The death of a character changes Ferry’s life forever

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 3, 2023 (Last updated: November 6, 2023)
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Ferry: The Series Season 1 Ending Explained - episode 8 Recap
(L to R) Elise Schaap as Danielle van Marken & Frank Lammer as Ferry Bouman in Ferry: The Series - Image Courtesy of Netflix


A satisfying conclusion to a series we did not think we needed.

Season 1 of Ferry: The Series may not have had a shocking ending, but it certainly brought further context to the character of Ferry Bouman and why he has the people he has in his life. Episode 8 brought an important character death for Ferry in the form of Marco, signifying a worthwhile finale. Marco was a lifelong friend. It’s a torturous storyline because of the test this brings to Ferry. Being hopelessly in love with Daan and sticking to some form of principles while trying to become a drug lord is not an easy feat for the character.

That’s what makes Ferry interesting. Everything that happens in Episode 8 is propped to expose the flaws in Ferry’s character. He’s far from perfect. He’s the epitome of imperfection that somehow thrives. It’s no coincidence that the one man who kept Ferry’s imbalanced life together started with his right-hand man, John.

Ferry: The Series Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

After attempting to compromise Ferry by using a wire as part of a deal with the police, Marco returns home. He shows his wife Sabien the money that Ferry gave them for him and Daan. Unbeknownst to both, Daan is outside, listening in. She learns of their plans to bring Ferry down. Marco plays the recordings, and she hears Ferry explaining how he wants Daan to be happy.

Sabien wants to take the recording to the police and not tell Daan. She wants the ordeal to be over so they can continue with their lives. Daan is heartbroken and feels betrayed.

Daan rings Lars and asks him if he’d still be alive if Ferry did not do what he did in Amsterdam. Lars explains that he’d be dead if it weren’t for Ferry and that he’s only ever tried to protect them both. At this point, Daan has had a perspective shift. She wants to help Ferry.

A shaken Daan visits Ferry and explains that Marco is cooperating with the police. Ferry is in shock that his childhood friend would betray him. 

Ferry talks to John about the situation with Marco. John has a cooler head about it and is confident they can solve it. There’s an implication of murdering Marco, and Ferry expresses that he is unable to do that. He’s too emotionally involved. He also does not want to be the coldhearted killer that Daan has seen him as. 

Who dies in the Season 1 finale?

As Marco is about to go to the police station, Ferry stops him and asks him to get in his car. Marco has no choice. Meanwhile, Sabien rings the police station, wondering where Marco is.

Ferry and John confront Marco in the woods. Marco begs for his life, and you can tell Ferry is emotional about this ordeal. However, as Ferry hesitates, John pulls out his gun and shoots Marco in the head.

As Ferry buries Marco, he cries. There’s no going back for this character now. He’s changed forever. People who get close to him are undoubtedly in danger. 

How does Ferry: The Series Season 1 end?

Afterward, Ferry is questioned in the police station. He reminds the investigator that he has the right to remain silent. Meanwhile, Sabien confronts Daan. She begs her to stop Ferry and insists she deserves a better life. But Daan does not trust Sabien. Daan returns to Ferry instead. The drug dealer gets his woman back.

Ferry talks to the Pusakas gang. He explains that he’s paid enough. He insists he can deliver and that he’s solved the mistake. He wants to run the drug operations again. Ferry makes it clear to Ricardo that he’s the decision-maker moving forward, and if they want to communicate, they do so via John. Since John’s violent decision to kill Marco, the status quo has been made. Ferry has a formidable right-hand man. 

As the finale ends, Ferry and John continue their partnership, which we see strongly in Undercover. They threaten Sonja’s boyfriend, Jurgen, and tell him to treat her like a princess. The episode ends with Ferry and Daan getting married.

What are your thoughts on the ending of Ferry: The Series Season 1 – did Episode 8 have a satisfying conclusion? Comment below.

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